New teacher education book co-edited by leading FedUni academic

Posted: Friday 7 April 2017

Federation University Australia’s Associate Professor Robyn Brandenburg is one of four editors of the newly released education book, Reflective Theory and Practice in Teacher Education.

The volume is part of the highly regarded International Springer series, Teaching and Teacher Education Practices.

Edited by Robyn Brandenburg, Kathryn Glasswell, Mellita Jones and Josephine Ryan, the book offers a detailed examination of reflective practice in teacher education internationally.

“In the current educational context, where reflective practice has been mandated in professional standards for teachers in many countries, this book analyses research-based evidence for the power of reflective practice to shape better educational outcomes, for students, teachers and teacher educators,” Associate Professor Brandenburg said.

“The book presents multiple theoretical and practical views of this often taken-for-granted practice, so that readers are challenged to consider how factors such as gender and race shape understandings of reflective practice.

“At a time when there is pressure to measure teachers’ work through standardised tests, the book highlights the professional thinking that is integral to teaching and demonstrates ways it can be encouraged in beginning teachers,” Associate Professor Brandenburg said.

“This book showcases the kind of reflective practice that empowers teachers, teacher educators and pre-service teachers to make a difference with students and improve learning outcomes.”

Associate Professor Brandenburg has co-written two chapters including one with Dr Sharon McDonough, also in FedUni’s School of Education, which highlights the role of examining critical incidents in teaching. 

According to the publisher, the book: “Offers a critical analysis of reflective practice as a key professional attribute of teachers (and) presents cutting-edge critiques of taken-for-granted educational practice from the viewpoint of often marginalised groups”.

The book can be accessed through the following Springerlink:

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