Reserve Pilot Program

In response to feedback received from the schools, the Reserve Collection is being run as a pilot at each campus Library through to the end of 2018 and will be reviewed at that time. Unit lecturers or coordinators can request that materials deemed to be in high-demand (DVDs, books or other materials) can be placed on Reserve and made available for two-hour loan in the Library. At the end of the pilot, usage will be analysed and feedback given to academic staff.

These materials will be available for two-hour loan in-Library. Unit lecturers or coordinators can request that materials deemed to be in high-demand; DVDs, books or other materials, can be placed on Reserve. Generally, the lecturer will hand in these materials with a completed submission form. Once the items have been processed, they are searchable on the Library website via the Catalogue or a search for Reserve items by either the unit code or the lecturer's name.

What items can be submitted?

Any items that are within the Library's Collection for loan can be placed on Reserve. Copies of books, DVDs, maps or other materials owned by the lecturer can also be placed on Reserve. The Library can also investigate the prospect of purchasing materials that are not presently a part of the Library's Collection.

What is the process for submission?

Lecturers can fill out the submission form (docx, 169kb) providing details regarding the unit and the required materials. The form is then handed to Library staff (with the materials, if possible) or emailed to Requests to place materials on Reserve will generally be processed within five working days.

When are materials removed from the Reserve Collection?

Materials will be removed on, or shortly after, the date nominated by you. It is recommended that the material remain on Reserve until after the exam period. Any personal material will be returned to you via internal mail, other material will be returned to their Collection.

Reserve materials borrowing statistics

Usage statistics for each item will be sent to you at the end of each semester. Statistics can also be provided upon request at any time during the teaching period.