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Feedback: What is the process of logging in externally when you system fails over the Easter 5 day break and you cannot login to gain journal access, computer, say 'login invalid' which is false because I can log into Email Outlook and Moodle. Very Frustrated Honours student who has lost 5 days of research due to system failure and limited access over this extended break. Maybe for next year have skeleton staff on Saturday after Good Friday to fix any technical issues that may occur, when there is a system malfunction. Not Happy!
Response: Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear that you had some problems accessing journal articles. We believe that there were no issues with database/journal access over the Easter break as we have had no other feedback and there was no scheduled downtime. Sometimes there are access issues if you have not accessed the journals through the Library's homepage (PRIMO), Could we ask you to please try accessing the databases via the PRIMO search box on our homepage and let us know if this problem still occurs. 13 Apr 2015

Feedback: I am a return to study mature aged student undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing. I have not used a computer search sytem for a very long time. This tutorial was very helpful in informing me how the Fed Uni library works & how to undertake effective searches. Even though I may not retain all of this information I now know where to obtain this information & go back to it at anytime. Thank you
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased that the tutorial was of assistance to you and that it has given you confidence in working with our system. If you have any further questions about how to use our services please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 552 567 14 Feb 2017

Feedback: I am an ANU external PhD student, and as i live near Ballarat i come to Fed Uni, Mt Helen to work on my thesis regularly (as i have a toddler at home so can't work there). I wanted to provide feedback as someone that has experienced a lot of different universities and university libraries and because i've found it actually quite frustrating using the services here. The library is extremely noisy, everywhere. In almost every part of the library there are people doing group work and socialising and i find myself moving from desk to desk throughout the day as new people come in and start chatting beside me. From what i can tell, there is no one location that is reserved for silent work. If there is this is not well signed which is necessary in order to for anyone to feel comfotable asking people to please be quiet which i don't do as i get the impression discussion at any noise level is allowed here. A designated silent work area or alternatively group work area is a common part of many libraries such as the state library of Victoria where i work at during the weekend but can't during the week due to the travel distance. It would be a great improvement to the library to provide this. Perhaps if there were some desks in the lowest underground floor that just has books and extremely few people visiting. I realise as i'm not an enrolled student here i have to deal with what is there but since there is this option to provide feedback i am.
Response: Thank you for providing your feedback, it is appreciated whether you are one of our students, or from another University. We do have a quiet area that is on the 3rd level (it has a large Sshhh on the glass wall), and I am wondering if you have used that space. If you are working in our designated quiet space and you find the noise level too disruptive you are able to ask our staff to come and ask students to observe the code of practice for that area. As well as the designated quiet area on level 3, we will be reviewing all of our spaces across the next 12 months and developing clear signage for each of the areas. 14 Nov 2016

Feedback: Hi - I am wondering if there is some way to bring back the HOLD SHELF at Mt Helen? I noticed that Gippsland still has it. I have had several students this semester who are unable to purchase the text book due to financial constraints. They have gone to the library but all copies of the book are out on loan.
Response: Could we please confirm with you that you are concerned about the HOLDS shelf and not the print RESERVE Collection. The HOLDS shelf is still operational at all of our libraries, including Mt Helen where it is located behind the circulation desk. The HOLDS shelf is used for items waiting for collection by our users who have either requested a title from another of our libraries or who have placed a hold via the catalogue,on an item already out on loan to ensure they are next in line to use it. The print RESERVE Collection, which we no longer operate at any of our libraries was a collection of resources, including textbooks, that could be borrowed in the library for limited times. We discontinued this collection in 2015 due to very low usage. Please contact Nancy Lange at if you would like any further information. 18 Aug 2016

Feedback: It's great to be able to borrow laptops, it's a life saver actually however the restriction of only having them for 3 days makes it difficult. Especially when you might not be able to return them because you don't have uni every day. I live 30 minutes away and I can't simply drive just to return a laptop. Being able to borrow a laptop for 7 days as it originally was allowed for work to actually be done and to return the laptop without worry.
Response: Thank you very much for your feedback in relation to the loan period for the library laptops. Unfortunately the library has had to reduce the loan period from 7 to 3 days because students were not returning them on time, or in some cases, not at all. We realise that this causes inconvenience but we try to be responsive to student needs as well as balance our duty to make sure ALL students have access to these machines. This is reflected in our purchase of 56 laptops that we currently have in circulation for students to borrow. We hope you understand our reason for the change, and would remind you that you are able to renew your laptop once (online if needed) to effectively give you the laptop for 6 days, as long as you do this before it becomes overdue. As always we will review our services at the end of the year to assess the impact any changes are having on our students and this will be included in that review. 15 Aug 2016

Feedback: The class is very helpful and at the end of the class you understand. The tutor is very helpful and willing to go over and over and explain if you ask for help. Bec is the best, easy to understand, she will make a good lecturer for all the students, especially the slow learners like us. What a good teacher she is, keep it up.
Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to submit such positive feedback on the Library class that you recently undertook; your feedback will be passed on to the staff member concerned. It is pleasing for the Library to know that the services offered to students is so appreciated. 20 Aug 2015

Feedback: Soap in the toilets would hardly be an extravagance. It's pathetic the frequency of it being out for long periods of time (or the dispenser requiring almost the force of a punch to get a drip out). It's so disgusting that people can't wash their hands after doing their business and makes FedUni look like PauperUni.
Response: Thanks for taking the time to bring this issue to our attention. Facilities Services will be notified of the problem and for a resolution. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 1 Jul 2015

Feedback: Hi, I have ordered two journal articles but I cannot see on the library website where they are listed so that I can keep track of them. Is there a link I am failing to find? Thanks James
Response: Thanks for your question about tracking document delivery requests. If you log in to your MyLibrary record -, or follow the link from the Library catalogue – there is a link to Interlibrary loan request. From here you will be able to view the details of any pending interlibrary loan/document delivery requests, which will have the status of Awaiting Arrival. There is a couple of things to note regarding this. You will only see the Interlibrary loan request link once staff have processed your request, so if you submit a request and then immediately look at your MyLibrary record, the requests won’t show. Also, your request history is not retained – once the requests have been filled, they no longer appear in your MyLibrary record. Articles are electronically delivered to your FedUni email address so it is a good idea to check your email regularly if you have placed a request. For interlibrary loans you will be emailed regarding pick-up/delivery. For article requests, while many arrive within a couple of days, you should allow for a two week turnaround time. If you have any queries about current requests, you can always contact Document Delivery Services staff – or phone (03) 5327 9597. 22 Jun 2015

Feedback: The library is very cold it is hard for us to study. We need heater on.
Response: Thank-you for your feedback in relation to the heating in the library at Mt Helen. There are some areas of the building that are colder and this has not been helped while we have had refurbishment work happening on Level 2. The heating was recently turned off on that level to allow work to take place and this impacted other areas of the building. The heating should now be back to normal, but if there is a specific area that you are working in that feels very cold, please let us know and we will ask Facilities to check and if possible adjust the temperature level. 10 Jun 2015

Feedback: Firstly, I am a Monash teach out student. For this semester, there has been no ECG 2730 textbook. Although this unit started using a new textbook this semester, I find it rather odd that there isn't, in the very least, a reference copy of this textbook, given that I mentioned this to the library staff at the beginning of the semester. As well, there is a Financial reporting handbook 2015 that is used extensively for accounting subjects. Although this handbook may be viewed online, due to the size of the text, it would be beneficial for all accounting students to have this book in the library as a reference only book. There is currently only one copy of the book, but it is loaned out for a six week period. Looking forward to your response.
Response: Thanks for your comments on the Gippsland collection. I’ve checked the course code ECG 2730 textbook and the Library has been advised that the title is Macroeconomics : Policy & Practice 2nd Global Edition by Mishkin, which the Library at Gippsland holds three copies of. Two copies are currently on loan, but there is one copy on Reserve at Gippsland that should be available to you. If there has been a change to the textbook, the Library has not been formally advised by the faculty at this time. In the event that the Library is advised of a change of textbook, copies of that text will be purchased for the collection. Regarding the Financial Reporting Handbook 2015, on your advice I have requested another copy to be added to the collection. 25 May 2015

Feedback: To whom this may concern, The hours at this campus are particularly insufficient for arts academy students who study at the camp street campus, (our contact hours range at around 40+ a week) and SMB is the only library that caters to us arts academy students. It is very inconvenient for us to find time to visit the campus especially since it closes early every day and isn't available on the weekends, when the majority of us have some spare time. After finally finding time to visit the campus today, I was knocked back from borrowing any research material because my card was blocked any access, which was very annoying because I had personally taken out the time to finally visit the library and it turned out to be a complete waste of time. I would appreciate it if the hours were extended, longer weekdays and available on weekends, and if items were due, for you to email us directly prior as a reminder or incur a small fee, instead of blocking access to valuable research material. Library resources may then be adequately beneficial. Please amend this, Student
Response: Thank you for your feedback in relation to opening hours at the SMB campus library. FedUni Library has been trialling extended hours in response to student feedback and I will ensure that your comments are passed on to the staff member responsible for monitoring that trial. In relation to not being able to borrow when you did visit the library, while this is unfortunate the blocking is normally related to the accrual of demerit points for overdue items. Notification of items due for renewal is emailed to FedUni student email addresses. I would suggest that you ensure that your student email is forwarded to your personal email address if you have not already done this. There are several ways that you can avoid overdue items including renewing them online or by phoning the library. There are no plans for the library to enable payment of fines other than for replacement costs. The demerit point system is seen to be more equitable for the majority of students and the management and holding of fines is a security issue and not encouraged. Leeanne Pitman Director Library Services. 7 May 2015

Feedback: Hi, I am new to the University and I am impressed with the amount of resources you have on offer. There is one item that you do not have so I am wondering whether I can order it in, or whether I can access resources from other Universities? If so, how do I do both of the above? Thanks.
Response: Thanks for your feedback. If the Library doesn’t hold an item you are after, there are a couple of ways to try and source it. Firstly, check the BONUS+ catalogue, which can be searched either from the Library’s homepage, or as a follow on from a catalogue search. Items can be requested from other libraries through BONUS+. You can also recommend a purchase for the collection through the Library catalogue under the Quicklinks at 17 Apr 2015