Student Committee

We think your student experience should be shaped by students...

Our Multicultural Student Committee is made up of international and domestic students who are passionate about helping us to improve what we offer to students. As students themselves, they provide us with a great insight into what we can do to help make uni life run smoothly for students from diverse backgrounds. The Committee meets monthly and is a source of advocacy for international and CALD students as well as helping organise student events, activities and excursions.

Our peer support volunteers help our new students to settle in during their first semester. Not only are they the smiling faces you see helping out at orientation and at other events during the year, but they contact new students before they even arrive in the country to offer support and advice, and to answer any questions.

We've finished recruiting for committee members and peer supporters for 2017 - if you're interested in joining next year, please see below for what we're looking for, and we always welcome people wanting to volunteer at events, so please contact us!

Multicultural Student Committee members

  • May be international or domestic students
  • Are representatives for all international/culturally-diverse (CALD) students and set a great example.
  • Have a strong idea about how FedUni could improve the international/CALD student experience, and are enthusiastic about helping to make this happen
  • Are comfortable talking to other students and staff about issues students face.
  • Can commit to attending meetings each month and taking actions each month as a result
  • Are available for training at the end of Semester 2
  • Are available for international orientation in February and July
  • Plan and run social events/activities as part of a team
  • Manage time effectively to maintain good academic progress
  • Keep in regular contact with the International/CALD Support Office
  • Will have completed at least 1 semester of study at FedUni by February (any campus/course)