My Faculty

So much of your time at Uni is spent studying, but how much do you know really about your faculty? The links below will take you to your faculty pages.

Contact your Faculty

If you have issues or questions about your course, we recommend you speak to your teacher/course coordinator in the first instance.

Our Uni has amazing faculty support staff, so if you have course-related questions, including enrolments, special consideration, leave of studies and program planning, contact Student HQ, or visit them on your campus:

Phone: 1800 333 864 Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Online: Ask FedUni

Mt Helen: Bottom floor of the T-Building

Gippsland: Health, Science, IT and Engineering – Building 2W, Room 242
Arts, Education, Business and FAST – Building 1S Room 203

SMB: D-Building

Camp Street: C-Building