Why I applied for IPP



"I chose to study at FedUni so I could stay close to home and in the country, rather than in the busy city."

"I applied for the Industry Placement Program as it is a great opportunity to get ahead of the rest, and it will give me a big advantage for when it comes to pursuing my career, and trying to find employment."



"I chose Federation University Australia after coming to open day, and just talking to lecturers and students. Being a local, just felt right at home at FedUni. The people here were friendly and helpful, and there was just a really good feeling. I also had heard good things about the science program here and experiencing it during year 12 really helped my decision."

"I chose the IPP after being recommended it by my careers adviser in year 12. After investigating further, it really appealed to me, knowing I could use if to further myself and my future. I also applied so that I could get a feel for a field of science for after I finish my degree, so I know what kind of occupation I want to move into."



"I chose to study at FedUni because I loved the idea of being able to study at a university without having to move several hours away – up to Melbourne. This way it is possible to have my regular social life and still being able to live at home (helps a lot)"

I applied for IPP because it's a good opportunity to get ahead of the pack when it comes to graduating and the placement provides a great stepping stone to furthering your career in the path you want."

Completed students

MelissaMelissa Larkins

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major/Minor: Microbiology/Environments

I love studying at the Gippsland campus due to its size. It is very easy to get lost among the crowds at larger universities campuses but at Gippsland, the lecturers and tutors know who you are. They are generally always available to assist you with any issues you have and concern themselves about your progress. You'll meet like minded people and make friends for life.

During my time at university I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Industry Placement Program. I worked for six months at the Department of Environments and Primary Industries as a fire ecologist. This gave me a great opportunity to apply what I learned during my university course to a practical job and also helped me decide in what direction I wanted to focus the rest of my degree. The program allowed me to grow and mature as a person and has given me valuable skills to use in my classes and also in my everyday life.

After completing my degree I would like to follow one of two paths. I would either like to become a mycologist, or a science communicator. communication in a media capacity but it depends on job availability.

LiamLiam Bednarski

Degree: Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Major: Accounting

One of my tutors once said 'you come to university to learn how to learn' and that has stuck with me. Over my time at university I learnt to approach things from a more critical perspective, to evaluate in a different way.

I came to Gippsland Campus for the smaller class sizes as it created more of a personal approach, which I thought improved my learning experience immensely. This also has great social benefits it really is like a community. This enabled me to remain focused with great social opportunities while being able to maximise my studies with one to one learning time if needed.

The most valuable 'practical' part of my degree was my IPP placement this enabled me to gain real world experience, it put my studies into perspective and enabled me to understand why I was doing what I was doing at university. This enabled me to focus on completing my degree and gave me some direction into my career path.

ClaireClaire Smoorenburg

Degree: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science

Major/Minor: Communications

The Gippsland Cmpus is truly a beautiful place to relax and study. The campus is surrounded by nature, walking tracks and a lake. Its environment is peaceful and ideal for study at all times across the campus whether it is in the library or outdoor areas. The best features of studying at Gippsland are approachable lecturers and making lasting friendships with class mates. Living on campus is very social and great fun living with friends and taking time out from study.

I am studying a double degree of science and professional communications. I will have minors in physiology and public relations and majors in medical bioscience and communications. This combines my passion for writing and speaking about medical science as well as conveying science knowledge into everyday language for others to understand. I am an ambassador of science communication in FedUni's 'LEAP…into science program' where I try to spark an interest for science in secondary school student from across Gippsland and Melbourne. I have held leadership positions such as being a student ambassador, Residential Advisor as well as co-creating a uni club - "The Wine and Cheese Appreciation Society". I will pursue a career as a medical science communicator.