The Industry Placement Program (IPP) provides a unique opportunity for businesses, government and industry to tap into the next generation of graduates in a broad range of disciplines. In partnering with the Industry Placement Program, your organisation will have the access to undergraduate students for up to 26 weeks of full-time placement. Each student is carefully selected from specific study areas to ensure they have skills and interests relevant to your workplace.

This program is designed to assist your organisation's long-term goals to develop and attract new talent, and inspire students to pursue a career in your industry.

This includes

  • Providing a full-time position for the length of the placement, including a clear position description for the student
  • Providing students on placement with an industry experience that is challenging and relevant to the student's studies.
  • Assigning a supervisor (or supervisors) to the student for the duration of the placement to monitor the student's progress.
  • Provide the student with a mentor (this could be the supervisor) while on placement to impart their knowledge and experience of the industry and the organisation.
  • Evaluating the students' performance twice through the placement.
  • Providing the students with a safe environment to work in. the workplace must meet Occupational Health and Safety standards.
  • Providing adequate induction and training to allow the student to perform their assigned tasks successfully.

Benefits for an organisation

  • The opportunity to assess students in your workplace and retain them for your long term recruitment needs
  • Flexible and enthusiastic students who meet your business needs
  • Host organisation will be interviewed to determine their exact needs. A student will then be selected not only for their academic qualities, but also demonstrated leadership and personal motivation
  • On-going support and advice from Federation University Australia. As a host organisation, you will have access our IPP Coordinator who regularly visits the student on site during placements, and can answer questions or follow up on any concerns that you may have
  • Skilled undergraduate students at competitive rates, and with none of the usual administrative hassles
  • Networking opportunities with other host organisations
  • The sense of satisfaction from having passed on your skills and experience to the next generation of young graduates.

If you're an organisation that's interested in the Industry Placement Program or would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us.