Kline, Colin

10/11/1943 - 8/7/2016

Colin joined the Electrical Engineering Department of the Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education (a predecessor institution of Federation University Australia) in 1972 as a lecturer in electronics. At that time the department was based in the old Court House building in Lydiard Street. The Head of Department at the time was Lindsay Hillman.

He continued in this position for the remainder of his career with the successive institutions:- Ballarat College of Advanced Education, Ballarat University College and University of Ballarat (all predecessor institutions of Federation University Australia). Colin resigned whilst with Ballarat University.

Colin’s main areas of expertise were in analogue electronics, analogue computing and engineering computations. He also later on, contributed in the areas of digital electronics and computing. He was keen on physical fitness and was active particularly in squash. Colin was a rationalist and was always enthusiastic in entering into arguments/discussions on rationalism, particularly in relation to belief systems and religion.

All through his, and other’s at the institutions career, Colin was involved actively in course and subject development within his areas of expertise.