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Malware and Reverse Engineering Conference (MRE-2017)


Following the success of the previously held workshops in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 , we are pleased to announce that the Malware Reverse Engineering Conference will be held in Melbourne in July, 2017.

MRE-2017 is a bridge between industry, law enforcement and academia, with a strong focus on practical results from research and development projects in malware reversing. The workshop aims to cover:

  • Reverse engineering methods, analyses and algorithms
  • Behavioural and attribution analysis of malware
  • Impacts into the financial sector and government agencies
  • Advanced monitoring schemes  for Malware attacks

2017 program and keynote speakers

Planning has commenced for the 2017 Malware Reverse Engineering Conference. If you are interested in providing a presentation or would like information to be forwarded to you as soon as available, please advise Dr. Rosemary Torney, Keep an eye on this page as information will be added as soon as available.

Maciej Kotowicz, Principal Reverse Engineer at

Maciej has special interest in reverse engineering and exploit development as well as their automation. Occasional speaker. In his free time he like to drink beer and play CTFs, in no particular order.

Our organising committee is composed by security researchers and engineers from academia and industry.

Organising Committee

Our organising committee is composed of  security researchers and engineers from academia and industry.

Dr. Iqbal Gondal, Chair
Director, Internet Commerce Security Laboratory, Federation University Australia

  • Paul J. Watson
    Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division, Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Paul Black
    Senior Threat Researcher, PhishLabs
  • Shanna Daly
  • Scott Brown
    Senior Technical Adviser, CERT Australia
  • Gabe Davis
  • Federal Agent, Cybercrime Operations, AFP Australia
  • Robert Layton
    Director, dataPipeline
  • Christian Teutenberg
    Threat Research and Intelligence, Security Operation, Telstra


There are plenty of opportunities for sponsorship support and we welcome interest in sponsorship from the security industry and other partners. Please contact Dr Iqbal Gondal, Director ICSL if you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities.