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Featured program: Information Technology

Keep your options wide open in the IT industry with a Bachelor of Information Technology. With this innovative degree you will gain a broad knowledge of IT along with skills in key growth areas including cloud computing and mobile application development.

This qualification is designed with input from major IT industry partners and is highly recognised by the industry. Completion of this degree will see you on your way to become a leader in the IT field with the ability to design and implement up-to-date computer-based systems including those related to internet technology, multimedia and web-based applications.

The flexibility of this degree leads to a diverse range of career opportunities, as each student gets to put their own stamp on the degree, and as such determine the career path followed. Some students choose to add breadth to their studies, with a wide variety of electives chosen, whereas other students choose to select electives that focus on a particular area of interest. Careers include network manager, applications developer, programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, multimedia developer, database administrator, project manager and IT consultant.

This program can be completed entirely through online learning or face to face on either of our Higher Education campuses. Some students may choose to undertake a combination of online and face to face learning. Part time study options are also available.

Your studies are backed by 5 stars for teaching quality* and decades of experience in delivering off-campus and online learning programs.

Call 1800 FED UNI (1800 333 864) or view our range of online learning programs for more information.

 * Source: The Good Uni Guide 2015

Learn to succeed. Anywhere. Anytime.

Studying with Federation University Australia online allows you to complete exactly the same program as an on-campus student, but with the flexibility of studying anywhere you choose, anywhere around the world – whether that's your home, local library or from your small business.

It's the perfect option if you need to balance your studies with work, family or other commitments.

How does online learning work?

Instead of attending classes in person, your program is delivered online through recorded audio or video lectures, set readings each week, questions posted in a discussion forum and/or an online quiz. You may also have an exam at the end of a course.

In addition to this entirely online study option, courses are also available where you will need to attend weekend classes or scheduled workshops. These study options are called Flexible Delivery. In other courses, you might have to attend campus for a week or so at a time. These study options are called Block Mode.

How much time will I need?

Online learning usually involves taking two courses of study per semester, which is half the amount of an on-campus student. You can increase or decrease your study-load if you choose. There are two, 12-week semesters in a year, with an exam period at the end of each semester. You can generally expect to study between 20 – 24 hours per week, but this will depend on the type of program you're undertaking.

What support is available?

Your lecturers will guide you through your studies with a course outline and a weekly plan of topics, as well as providing support via online discussion forums. You can also communicate with teaching staff by email, through online chat or by phone.

Importantly, online learning students have access to all the same support services as on-campus students such as the university library, academic skills support, disability liaison services, career advice and more.

Where can I find more information?

To learn more about online learning at Federation University Australia, contact us on 1800 FED UNI (1800 333 864) or email

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