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Get a head start in uni
Get a head start in uni
Destination FedUni
University entry
Successful completion of this program guarantees credit toward and entry into a number of our undergraduate degrees. By the time you start your degree with us, you may have obtained enough credit via this program to be one semester ahead in your studies. Meaning you’ll only have 2.5 years left on a 3-year full-time degree.
How does the program increase ATAR
The ATAR increment is calculated as follows. Depending on the students final score in the FedUni Higher Education unit, they will receive an additional increment on their ATAR score.
FedUni HE unit score ATAR Increment
90% 5.0
80% 4.5
70% 4.0
60% 3.5
50% 3.0
Slide 1
Yr 11 Student
Complete 2 first year
university graduate units
Studying a 3/4 VCE subject in the same year
Slide 2
Yr 11 Student
Your average first year
university results
Can be counted as your
VCE fifth subject adding
incremental % to your
ATAR score
Slide 3
Yr 12 Student
Complete 2 further
university graduate units
Treat them as a sixth VCE subject
Slide 4
Yr 12 Student
Your highest uni score
can be counted toward
your ATAR incremental
lift adding between
3.0 to 5.0 points or
up to 10% to your
ATAR score
Slide 1 2 3 4
No university fees
You do not pay or incur a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt for any of the university units you study with us within this program. (Maximum of four (4) units in total.)
NOTE: The purchase of text books and any other necessary learning resources is the responsibility of the student. These are not provided as part of the covered costs of this program.
Flexible study
One unit is delivered per 12-week semester, with two semesters occurring each year. You can choose to complete two (2) units in year 11 and/or two (2) units in year 12. (Maximum of four (4) units in total.)

Each unit is delivered via flexible online learning, with only four (4) days of on-campus lectures to attend. The dates for these days on campus will vary between each unit/discipline, but as a general rule, attendance of these lectures is based around the start and finish of each term.
As a new student you will commence online learning classes in February while completing an academic skills program called FedReady. This program will prepare you for university study.
Units available
Two types of units, Extension and Advanced Standing, are offered through this program. An Extension unit is a clear advance on an identified VCE 3 and 4 unit, and an Advanced Standing unit is comprised of curriculum not available in any current VCE studies and therefore is not linked to any current VCE 3 and 4 unit. Both types are of a level that will normally allow the student, on successful completion, to proceed to second year higher education study in that discipline.

If you intend on completing four (4) units over two years we strongly suggest you study the units ATSGC 1369 Understanding University Learning and ATSGC 1370 Knowledge and Professionals in the first year. These units are designed to teach vital academic skills such as independent learning, researching and university-level writing.
The subject areas and units currently available are:
Introduction to Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Principles of Accounting and Finance
Principles of Economics
Philosophy of Learning and Knowledge
Understanding University Learning
Knowledge & Professionals
Sustainability Practice
Sustainable Earth
As one of Victoria’s 5 star universities* you’ll learn from academics who have been awarded 5 stars for teaching quality 6 years in a row**. Our teaching facilities and equipment meet the highest of standards to ensure our students are well prepared for industry and research.
Our programs are regularly reviewed to ensure their national and international relevance, and our close links with major industries plays an important part in the redevelopment of our programs, ensuring successful graduate outcomes. We have the highest graduate employment rating of any Victorian-based university*** with 79% of our graduates employed full-time^.
Participating schools
It is our aim to expand Destination FedUni across our region.
The schools currently participating are:

Bacchus Marsh Grammar, Bacchus Marsh
Ballarat High School
Ballarat Secondary College
Phoenix College, Ballarat
St Patrick’s College, Ballarat
Kurnal College, Churchill
Lowanna College, Newborough
Marist Sion, Warragul
Sale College, Sale
Traralgon College, Traralgon
Yarram Secondary College, Yarrum
How to apply
Speak to your parent(s) or guardian(s) about this program and once you’re all clear about the requirements, discuss your eligibility with your School Fellow.

Step 1
Download and complete the Direct Application for VCE Advanced Studies Program form (pdf, 319 KB).
Step 2
Get a parent/guardian, and your principal (or principal’s delegate) to sign this form
Step 3
Return completed form to School Fellow