Year 12 students

You are considered a current year 12 student if you are:

  • a VCE student
  • an interstate VCE student
  • a New Zealand applicant
  • an International Baccalaureate student

All Year 12 students must apply via VTAC.

Please go to our Apply through VTAC page for further information.

Non-Year 12 applicants

You are considered a non-Year 12 applicants if you:

  • are a TAFE, VET and/or higher education graduate
  • are a private provider student
  • have current or previous work experience
  • are undertaking a 'gap year'
  • are currently a university student
  • are a mature age applicant

If you wish to apply for more than one course it is best that you Apply through VTAC.

Apply direct to FedUni

If you only wish to apply for one course you can Apply direct to FedUni.