Additional application requirements

VTAC and direct applications

The following programs have additional application requirements:


VTAC course code VTAC course name Extra requirement link
3700274254 Diploma of Graphic Design Application for Interview (pdf, 715kb)
 Advanced Diploma of Graphic DesignApplication for Interview (pdf, 715kb)


FedUni course code VTAC course code VTAC course name Extra requirement link
AA5 3700237261
Visual Arts (Fine Arts) Application for Interview (pdf, 404kb)
AS5 3700210541 Acting for Stage and Screen Additional Requirements and Audition Application Form (pdf, 764kb) 
AT5 3700210131 Communication Design Application for Interview (pdf, 404kb)
AZ53700710591Creative ArtsApplication for Interview (pdf, 404kb)
AX5 3700237341 Music Theatre Additional Requirements and Audition Application Form (pdf, 764kb)
TF5 3700537441 Visual Arts / Education Application for Interview (pdf, 404kb)
N/A Applied Management Degrees

Applied Degree Entrance Requirements (pdf, 47kb)

Workplace Experience Portfolio (pdf, 105kb)

Postgraduate and honours

FedUni course code Course name Extra requirement link
AA4Graduate Diploma of CeramicsAdditional Requirements Form (pdf, 529kb)
AC8 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) (Honours) Additional Details Form (pdf, 558kb)
BB8 Bachelor of Business (Honours) Research Proposal Form (pdf, 221kb)
BC8 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Research Proposal Form (pdf, 322kb)
CG9Master of Technology (Research)Research Proposal Form (pdf, 357kb)
CM8 Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Honours) Research Proposal Form (pdf, 357kb)
EM9 Master of Mining Engineering Additional Details Form (pdf, 327kb)
EQ4 Graduate Diploma of Mining Additional Details Form (pdf, 327kb)
GTP9 Master of Teaching (Primary) Additional Details Form (pdf, 398kb)
Referees Report Form (pdf, 236kb)
HS8 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Research Proposal Form (pdf, 117kb)
MW4 Graduate Diploma of Midwifery Additional Requirements (pdf.260kb)
PM8Bachelor of Sport Management (Honours)Research Proposal Form (pdf. 108kb)
PX8Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (Honours)Research Proposal Form (pdf. 108kb)
PW9Master of Strength and Conditioning (by Coursework)Additional Information Form (pdf, 109kb)
SH8Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)Research Proposal Form  (pdf. 108kb)
SZ8Bachelor of Science (Honours)Research Proposal Form (pdf, 104kb)
TD9 Master of Teaching (Secondary) Additional Details Form (pdf, 256kb)
Referees Report Form (pdf, 188kb)
YL9Master of Psychology (Clinical)Regional, Rural or Remote Areas Form (pdf, 98kb)
Referee Report (external website)