Direct application timetable

YearSemesterApplications openApplications close
SummerMonday 22nd August, 2016Friday 4th November, 2016
YearSemesterApplications openApplications close
Semester OneMonday 1st August, 2016Sunday 26th February, 2017*
Late SummerMonday 7th November, 2016Friday 16th December, 2016
WinterMonday 20th February, 2017Friday 16th June, 2017
Semester TwoMonday 27th March, 2017Sunday 23rd July, 2017*
SpringMonday 17th July, 2017Friday 18th August, 2017
SummerMonday 21st August, 2017Friday 3rd November, 2017

*  Some programs have earlier closing dates, please check Course Finder for details.

48 hour turnaround

Semester48 hour turnaround commences
Semester Two, 2016Monday June 6th, 2016
Semester One, 2017Monday October 31st, 2016

The 48 hour turnaround on direct applications commences at the beginning of the SWOT Vac period and will end when applications close (applies to semester one and two intakes only).

The 48 hour turnaround on direct applications applies to applications from domestic applicants to higher education undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs at the Ballarat, Berwick, Wimmera and Gippsland campuses and online learning, where complete and accurate documentation is provided. Excludes weekends and public holidays.