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FAST is a one semester full time program* designed to prepare you to study a degree at Federation University Australia (FedUni). It will suit you if you did not achieve the required VCE score (or equivalent) or if you are a mature student who wants to return to study after some time away from formal education. FAST will give you the study skills, strategies and practices to succeed at FedUni.

Why enrol in FAST?

Research has shown that students who complete a foundation skills program before commencing a degree are more likely to complete that degree and achieve high results.

Best of all, satisfactory completion of the FAST program guarantees you a place at FedUni the semester following completion with credit for one subject in a wide range of degrees.

What will I learn in FAST?

FAST will give you the skills, strategies and confidence to become an independent learner. The subjects studied include:

  • Introduction to Tertiary Studies
  • Mathematics and Introductory Statistics
  • Academic Writing
  • Understanding University Learning

Many of the FedUni degrees you may enrol into after FAST, will provide you with credit for one of these subjects.

The FAST program will provide you with a stimulating and challenging opportunity to equip yourself for a new direction in life. 

Who studies FAST?

All sorts of students have studied FAST; students who have been disappointed with their VCE results and required an alternative entry method into university, mature students who want a career change or want to return to study and parents returning to study or the workforce after children have started school. Our graduates have gone on to study degrees throughout the university and are now working in business, health, education and manufacturing among many others.

How do I apply?

If you have a current VTAC application and are applying for FAST during Change of Preference, you will need to add FAST to your VTAC preferences.

Applicants who do not have a current VTAC application should contact us direct on 1800 333 864 or visit our online applications page: apply.federation.edu.au/ .

NOTE: When applying through VTAC for FAST in Horsham, please apply for the Mt Helen course. You will then need to send an email to p.murray@federation.edu.au and advise that you are applying for the Horsham course.

More information

For more information about FAST, visit our Program Finder

Commencing students

Students who accept their 2015 offer to the FAST program we will be contacted in January to support them through the enrolment process.

* Part-time study options also available