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FAST program

The Foundation Access Studies (FAST) program runs over one semester and is designed to prepare students for study in a degree program at Federation University. The FAST program is designed to provide alternative entry to tertiary study at FedUni.

FAST allows prospective students to experience university study while equipping them with the skills and confidence to undertake degree level studies in the following semester.

FAST has been designed for students  who do not hold prerequisites for entry into a degree. Applicants who have not been selected into a higher education program or who are returning to study, can use FAST to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge to confirm their decision about university study.

FAST is comprised of a number of key study areas which are designed to provide students with the skills to succeed in Higher Education. Details of these study areas are set out in the FAST handbook. To apply for selection into FAST, you will need to complete an application form and you may be asked to attend an interview. Domestic students - that is, Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or students with permanent resident status - are eligible for selection into FAST. Selection is made according to your academic ability to succeed in FAST and your commitment to study in a degree at FedUni. Your skills and qualifications will be assessed to determine whether FAST is the best means for you to access your chosen degree of study. 

Successful completion of FAST guarantees you an offer of a place in a degree at Federation University Australia. This may not mean students completing FAST will obtain admission to a specific degree of their choice - some degrees require all applicants to attend an interview and may require them to demonstrate commitment or personal qualities related to that chosen field of study. However, any student who completes FAST will be offered a place in a degree, related to their interests and abilities, at the university level. Prospective students are advised to check with the specific School for details about their preferred course of study and any additional requirements.

The FAST program will not remove all the difficulties you may face in attempting university study, but it will provide a stimulating and challenging opportunity to test yourself, and possibly find a new direction in life. 

Prospective applicants must apply online via VTAC - Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (external site)

Prospective students 

Commencing students

Students who accept their 2015 offer to the FAST program we will be contacted in January to support them through the enrolment process.