Federation Business School

WIL project

(BUENT3704) 15 credit points
Enactus is an world wide organisation that allows teams to work in educational outreach projects.
Community Projects
(BUGEN3700) 15 credit points
Opportunities exist to work with community organisations on projects in areas such as marketing and tourism.
New Colombo Plan
(BUGEN3750) 30 credit points
The New Colombo Plan is a government funded initiative to provide students with exposure to the Indo Pacific region by providing internships, short and longer-term study. Opportunities include short study tours to countries.
Please see InPlace in order to view current opporunities.
International Exchange
(BUEXC2501 – 2504), (BUEXC3501-3504)
Students can undertake international exchange at universities that have been accredited by Fed Uni. Opportunities are also available for students to negotiate their own arrangements for exchange (subject to our approval).

All students enrolled in a course that involves going out on placement (even if you arrange those placements yourself) will need to access the InPlace system.

Log in with your student ID number and FedUni password (the password you’re already using to log into My Student Centre).

More information on the InPlace Student Placement System