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Student representatives

Current student representatives

Adrian James

As students we sometimes find it hard to approach the Faculty with issues or ideas we may have, as your student representative I want to bridge the gap between students and the Business Faculty in an official manner by giving the students a voice. I envision being able to promote student ideas and feedback that’s received.

Picture of Andrea PerrinAndrea Perrin

Students have a voice.

At Federation University, we students have the opportunity to be involved in running our university. Whether we are involved in Student Senate or a Faculty Board or committee, we are able to voice our concerns and ideas. I would welcome feedback from all students on issues that matter to them, to make university life better. I would consider it an honour and a privilege to represent Federation Business School students on the Federation Business School Board.

Ian CodePicture of Ian Code

As a member of the Business School Board, I will always be striving to make the studying experience as rewarding as possible for all students, particularly those within the Business Faculty. I believe that the more students enjoy the studying experience, the more effort they’ll put into their assignments, and the more attention they’ll give to their lecturers. As a member of the Business School Board, I will be doing my best to make the students concerns my priority to help each and every one of them, with any concerns or struggles that they are having.

Result of call for nominations

At the close of nominations for the student representative (up to 3 positions), being Wednesday 13th September 2017, one nomination was received:

Daria Soldatenko

As the number of nominations received does not exceed the number of vacancies (3) to be filled, Daria Soldatenko is duly elected from 1st November 2017 to 31st October 2018.

Daria Soldatenko

Hi, I am Daria, a postgraduate student of Federation Business School. I consider that it is very important to provide an opportunity for students to contribute to the formulation and development of University’s policy, ensuring that the student perspective is taken into account. In such a way, all students might get involved in improving the programmes for everyone as well as enhancing students’ experience in a timely way.

If I get the chance to be the Student Representative Federation Business School Board, I would be pleased to provide a means by which students can raise any issues and concerns and communicate their opinions and thoughts on their student experience to relevant staff.

Let me represent the voice of student cohort and I will do my best to make input in the continuous development of the taught and research degree programmes of Federation University.