Federation Business School

Course Outlines

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Master of Business Administration

BUACC 5901 Accounting and Finance (pdf, 111kb)

BUGEN 5930 Business, Society and the Planet (pdf, 79kb)

BUHRM 5912 Human Resource Management (pdf, 89kb)

BULAW 5911 Managing the Legal Environment (pdf, 77kb)

BUMGT 5920 Management in a Global Business Environment (pdf, 77kb)

BUMGT 5921 Organisations: Behaviour, Structure, Processes (pdf, 106kb)

BUMGT 5928 Strategic Enterprise Planning (pdf, 80kb)

BUMGT 5970 Leadership (pdf, 74kb)

BUMGT 5976 Strategic Management (pdf, 69kb)

BUMGT 5980 Managerial Decision Making (pdf, 65kb)

BUMGT 6927 Creativity and Innovation (pdf, 81kb)

BUMKT 5902 Marketing Management (pdf, 110kb)


Master of Professional Accounting

BUACC 5930 Accounting Concepts and Practice (pdf, 606kb)

BUACC 5931 Research and Statistical Methods for Business (pdf, 111kb)

BUACC 5932 Corporate Accounting (pdf, 90kb)

BUACC 5933 Cost and Management Accounting (pdf, 109kb)

BUACC 5934 Financial Accounting (pdf, 92kb)

BUACC 5935 Auditing and Assurance Services

BUACC 5936 Financial Management (pdf, 76kb)

BUACC 5937 Information Systems & Design for Accountants (pdf, 96kb)

BUECO 5903 Business Economics (pdf, 79kb)

BUGEN 5930 Business, Society and the Planet (pdf, 79kb)

BULAW 5914 Commercial Law (pdf, 109kb)

BULAW 5915 Corporate Law (pdf, 71kb)

BULAW 5916 Taxation Law and Practice (pdf, 106kb)


Course and Class Information

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