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Sociology of the accounting profession, public sector accounting, accounting theory and accounting history


Accounting history, public sector and not-for-profit accounting, accounting theory

Grants and awards

Winner of the 2008 Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award, sponsored by the American Accounting Association and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

ARC Linkage Grant (2010): "An approach top reserving accounting and business archival materials: enhancing accessibility to inform research and practice".

CPA Australia Public Sector Research Grant (2006): "Price setting within Australian local government". CPA Australia Not-for-Profit Research Grant(2005): "Financial reporting and accountability in charitable organisations".


Full publication list

Elhawary, H and West, B., 2014 forthcoming, "All for nothing? Accounting for land under roads by Australian local governments", Australian Accounting Review. Vol. 25,No. 1.

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West, B.P. 2001, "On the social history of accounting: The Bank Audit by Bruce Marshall", Accounting History, NS vol. 6, no.1, pp. 11-30.

Association and memberships

  • CPA Australia
  • Academy of Accounting Historians