Federation Business School

Dr Jackie Tuck

Position:Research Fellow, HDR Coordinator FBS
Location:Mt Helen - Building B, B019
Phone:5327 9889


  • BA (Joint Hons) Nottingham 
  • PGCE Nottingham 
  • PhD UB


Dr Jackie Tuck has an Economics and Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Nottingham and whilst in the UK she worked as a researcher across a range of economic and social science disciplines. Jackie's PhD is in the area of corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility. Since completing her PhD at Ballarat in 2009 Jackie has been a Research Fellow and is currently the Research and Higher Degrees Coordinator for Federation Business School. 


Corporate Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Licence to Operate – Mining Industry, Stakeholder Theory, Strategic Management, Vocational Education and Training


Principal Supervisor:

  • PhD – Peter Schenk: Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Management in Rural Public Health Services

Associate Supervisor:

  • PhD – Richard Owen: Feature Film: Production Economics – A Cost Leadership Strategy
  • PhD – Ide Clinton: Improving the Utility of Personal Superannuation Statements – A Case Study in the University Sector
  • PhD – Lizzie Morton: Tax Effect Consequences: An Exploration of the Contemporary Normalising Effect in Australia
  • PhD – Eric Holm
  • PhD – Nance Frawley
  • PhD – Katrina Gorjanicyn

Grants and awards

  • Smith, E., Callan, V., Shreeve, R., Smith, A. and Tuck, J. (2014 -  ) Employer Training in a Changed Environment, NCVER nationally competitive grant, $99,600.
  • Smith, A., Courvisanos, J., Tuck, J. and McEachern, S. (2009-12) Building Innovation Capacity: The role of human capital formation in enterprises, NCVER nationally competitive grant, $102,300.
  • 2009 - 2011 UB Early Career Research Fellowship


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