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2013 Lawton, A., Rayner, J. And Lasthuizen, K. Ethics and Management in the Public Sector pp. 184(Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon.) ISBN978-0-415-57760-1

1999 Rose A. and A. Lawton (eds. and authored) Managing the Public Services  pp.367 (Financial Times Management, London). ISBN 0-273-62524-1.

1988 Lawton, A. Ethical Management for the Public Services, pp. 167, (Open University Press, Buckingham).ISBN 0-335-19919-4. 

  • Translated into Georgian, 2002.
  • Translated into Chinese, 2009

1996 Lawton, A and D. Mckevitt (eds. and authored) Case Studies for Public Services Management,  pp. 207 ( Blackwells, Oxford).ISBN 0-631-19579-3. Contributed 4 cases.

1994 D. McKevitt and A. Lawton (eds) Public Sector Management: Theory, Critique and Practice  pp. 306 (London, Sage)  ISBN 0-80397713-1.

1994 Lawton, A. and A. Rose Organisation and Management in the Public Sector  Second Edition pp. 256,   (Pitman, London) ISBN 0-273-60191-1.

1991 Lawton, A. and A. Rose Organisation and Management in the Public Sector  pp. 207, (Pitman, London) ISBN 0-273-0374-7.

Teaching guides:

Lecturer's Guide for A. Rose and A. Lawton (1999) 'Managing the Public Services' (Financial Times Management, London) pp.99 ISBN 0-273-62816.

Teaching Notes for A. Lawton and D. McKevitt (1996) 'Case Studies for Public Services Management' (lead author) pp.100 (Blackwell, Oxford).ISBN 0-631-204415.

Book chapters

2011 Lawton, A. and F.Six. 'NPM: the view from abroad' in Menzel, D.C. and H.L.White (eds.) The State of Public Administration: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities M.E.Sharpe.

2011 Lawton, A., Six, F. and M. Macaulay. 'Ethical audit: control, performance and review' in Osborne, S.P. and A.Ball (eds.) Social audit, social accounting and accountability for the public goodRoutledge, London.

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2008 Lawton, A. 'Evaluation of the London Integrity System' in Huberts, L., Anechiarico, F. and Six, F. (eds.) Local Integrity Systems BJU Publishers, The Hague

2004 Lawton, A. and J. Palidauskaite 'Codes of Conduct for Public Servants in Central and East European Countries: Comparative Perspectives' in Jenei, G., McLaughlin, K., Mike, K. and Osbourne, S. (eds)  Challenges of Public Management Reforms: Theoretical Perspectives and Recommendations (Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary).

1999 Lawton, A. 'Social Enterprise and the Public Services Manager' in Huberts, LWJC and van den Heuvel, JHJ (eds). Integrity at the Public-Private Interface, (Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, the Netherlands), ISBN 90-423-0096-5.

1998 Lawton, A. 'Business Practices and the Public Service Ethos', in C. Sampford, N. Preston and C.A. Bois (eds.), Public Sector Ethics: Finding and Implementing Values, (Federation Press, Sydney and Routledge, London).ISBN 1-86287-298-8.

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1996 Lawton, A. and D. Mckevitt 'Strategic Change in Local Government Management: Comparative Case Studies' in Lawton, A and Mckevitt, D (eds) ibid.

1985 Lawton, A. 'Political Theory', pp.16-25 in L. Robins (ed.), Introducing Political Science: Themes and Concepts in Studying Politics, (London, Longman).ISBN 0-582-35493-5.

Research reports:

2014 Lawton, A., Duffy, M., Valenzuela, E., Morgan, D. and Joiner, T. Developing a Regional Resilience Monitor Federation University, Australia

2014 Lawton, A., Duffy, M., Valenzuela, E., and Morgan, D. The Development of the Gippsland Economic Modelling Tool Federation University, Australia

2009 Lawton, A. and Macaulay, M. 'Assessing the impact of standards committees' for Standards for England

2005 Lawton, A. and Macaulay, M. 'Analysis of the code of conduct consultation'  for The Standards Board for England (available www.standardsboard.co.uk).

2005 Lawton, A. Macaulay, M., Iles, P., Llewellyn, N and B. Thompson Supporting Monitoring Officersfor The Standards Board for England (available www.standardsboard.co.uk).

2004 Lawton, A. and Macaulay, M. 'United Kingdom Country Study for Transparency International, UK (available www.transparency.org).

1999 Edwards, C. Jackson, D., Jones, G. And Lawton, A. Towards Best Value: a report by the Open University on Newham Council's first year as a pilot authority pp 49  (London, Policy Information Network) ISBN 1-902975-00-6.

1991 Boyne, G., Griffiths, MP, Lawton, A and J. Law Local Government in Wales: Its Role and Functions  pp. 94, (York, Joseph Rowntree Foundation) ISBN 1-872470-43-2.

Journal articles:

2014 Lawton, A. and Gabriunas, I.P. 'Developing a framework for ethical leadership' Journal of Business Ethics Available online

2014 Macaulay, M. and Lawton, A. 'Localism in practice: investigating citizen participation and good governance in local government standards of conduct' Public Administration Review 74(1): 75-83

2013 Six, F and A. Lawton 'Towards a theory of integrity systems: a configurational approach'International Review of Administrative Sciences 79(4): 639-658

2012 Rayner, J., Lawton, A. and H.M. Williams 'Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and the Public Service Ethos: Whither the Organization? Journal of Business Ethics 106(2): 117-13

2011 van der Wal, Z., de Graaf, G. and A. Lawton 'Editorial: Competing Values in public   management' Public Management Review13 (3): 331-341

2011 Rayner, J., Williams, H., Lawton, A and C. Allinson 'Public Service Ethos: Developing a Generic Measure' Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 21 (1); 27-51

2010 Lawton, A. 'Editorial: Public service ethics: developing the field' International Journal of Public Sector Management 23(7) 592-595

2009 Lawton, A. 'The Language of Ethics: understanding public service ethics through discourse'Public Integrity Winter 11 (1): 35-52.

2007 Hannagan, T., Lawton, A and G. Mallory 'Responding to change: the management of further education colleges in England' International Journal of Public Sector Management 20 (6):484-496.

2006 Macaulay, M. and A. Lawton 'From Virtues to Competence – Changing the Principles of Public Service' Public Administration Review, 66 (5): 702-710.

2006 Macaulay, M. and A. Lawton 'Changing the Standards? Assessing the impact of the Committee for Standards in Public Life on local government in England'  Parliamentary Affairs, 59 (3): 474-490.

2006 Lawton, A. 'Ethics and Public Management – 25 Years On' Editorial Public Money & Management  26 (1):13-14.

2006 Lawton, A. and R.A. Doig 'Researching Ethics for Public Service Organizations: The View from Europe' Public Integrity, 8 (1):11-33. Winner of outstanding article in vol. 8, awarded by Ethics Section of American Society for Public Administration.

2005 Lawton, A. 'Public Service Ethics in a Changing World' Futures, Journal of Policy, Planning and Futures Studies, 37 (3-4): 231-243

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2000 Edwards, C., Jones, G., Lawton, A and N. Llewellyn. 'Entrepreneurship and the Public Sector: Issues and Applications' The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1,Oct. :163-171.

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1991 Lawton, A. 'Community Councils: The Foundation for Welsh Government', in Radical Wales, No. 3, Summer: 8-9.

1981 Lawton, A. 'Updating Political Theory' Teaching Politics, 10 (2): 184-193.

Conference contributions

Keynote presentations:

2001 Lawton, A. 'Developing Codes of Ethics' Keynote presentation at Teaching Ethics to the Public, Private and Professional Sectors Conference, Brisbane.

1999 Lawton, A. 'The Theory and Practice of Ethics and Management' Managing Ethics in the Public Service, Conference, Royal Ministry of Labour and Government Administration, Norway.

1992 Lawton, A. 'Can the Leopard Change its Spots? Local Authorities and the Voluntary sector', Annual Conference of Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Cardiff.

1990 Lawton, a. and M.P. Griffiths 'Reforming Community Councils in Wales' (with P. Griffiths) Annual Conference of Wales Association of Community and Town Councils, Aberystwyth.

Refereed conference papers:

2011 Lawton, A, and M. Macaulay 'Mapping a regulatory life cycle from birth to death; a case study of the Standards Board for England' APSAC Conference Freemantle, Western Australia, 15-17 November

2011 Abdul Manaf, H., Armstrong, S.J. and A. Lawton 'Knowledge Sharing Practices, Managerial Tacit Knowledge, and Individual Performance: Their Interrelationships and the Moderating Role of Employee Personality' 12th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM11), University of Passau, Germany 1-2 September.

2010 Lawton, A. and M. Macaulay 'Standards of learning; how local government standards committees contribute to organisational learning' 14th Annual IRSPM Conference, Berne 7-9 April

2009 Lawton, A. and F. Six 'Developing an Integrity Audit' Australian Public Sector Ant-Corruption Conference. Brisbane, July.

2009 Lawton, A., Macaulay, M. and J. Palidauskaite 'Towards a comparative methodology for public service ethics'  EGPA Annual Conference, Malta, September.

2009 Rayner, J., Lawton, A and Z. Van der Wal 'Public Service Ethos, New Public Management and Organizational Citizenship Behavior' Public Service Motivation Conference University of Indiana, June.

2009 Lawton, A. and Rayner, J. 'Public Service Motivation in a Fragmented State: A Case Study Approach'. Public Service Motivation Conference University of Indiana, June.

2008 Lawton, A and M. Macaulay 'Mapping a Regulatory Life Cycle: a case study of the Standards Board for England' EGPA Annual Conference, Rotterdam.

2008 Rayner, J. Lawton, A. Williams, H. and C. Allinson 'Testing the Relationship between the Public Service Ethos and New Public Management:  Public Sector Values: Frontiers of Research and Theory, Copenhagen.

2008 Rayner. and A. Lawton 'Public Service: Ethos: Developing a Generic Measure'  X11 Annual Conference of International Research Society for Public Management, Brisbane.

2007 Lawton, A. 'Revisiting the Public Interest' EGPA Annual Conference, Madrid.

2007 Lawton, A. 'Evaluating ethical performance: establishing confidence and improving behaviour' International Congress on Ethics, Ottawa.

2007 Lawton, A and M. Macaulay 'Ethics Management and Ethical Management' Third Transatlantic Dialogue, University of Maryland.

2006 Lawton, A. 'Researching Identity: Ethics Officers in Public and Private Sector Organisations' EGPA Conference, Milan.

2006 Lawton, A. and T. Mordue. 'Re-imagining public space: public and private, citizens and customers'  IRSPM X Glasgow Caledonian University.

2006 Lawton, A. and M. Macaulay 'Developing an Ethical Audit: ethical culture and performance in UK local government'  IRSPM X Glasgow Caledonian University.

2005 Lawton, A. and M. Macaulay 'Towards a typology of Ethics Officers'  EGPA Conference Berne.

2004 Macaulay, M. and Lawton, A. 'From Virtue to Competence-Changing the Principles of Public Service?'  EGPA Conference, Slovenia.

2004 Lawton, A. and R.A.Doig 'Researching Ethics for Public Service Organisations: The View From Europe'  Ethics Forum at American Society for Public Administrators Portland, Oregon.

2004 Lawton, A and J. Palidauskaite 'Codes of Conduct for Public Servants in Central and East European Countries: Comparative Perspectives'  IRSPM VIII Budapest.

2003 Lawton, A. 'Developing and Implementing Codes of Ethics' EGPA Conference, Oeiras, Portugal.

2002 Lawton, A. 'Agreement in (E) Valuation: ethical performance in local government' IRSPM VI, Edinburgh.

2001 Lawton, A. 'Agreement in (E) Valuation' 10th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Prague.

2001 Lawton, A., Edwards, C. and G. Jones 'Rhetoric and Reality in Public Entrepreneurship'  IRSPM V Barcelona.

2001 Lawton, A. 'Sharing Best Practice in Teaching Business Ethics' Teaching Business Ethics: Perspectives on Best Practice, City University, London.

2000 Edwards, C., Jones, G. Lawton, A. and N. Llewellyn 'Towards a Theory of Public Entrepreneurship'  IRSPM IV, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

1999 Edwards, C., Jones, G. Lawton, A. and N. Llewellyn 'Social Entrepreneurship and Public Service Management: Definitions, Competencies, Obstacles and Examples' BAM Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University.

1999 Lawton, A. 'Roles, Relationships and Public Services Management', International Institute of Administrative Sciences Conference, Civil Service College, Sunningdale.

1999 Edwards, C., Jackson, D., Jones, G. and A. Lawton 'Entrepreneurship and public services management: meanings, significance, problems and application',  IRSPM III, Aston University.

1999 Lawton, A. 'Researching Management in Public Services Management', IRSPM III, Aston University.\

1998 Lawton, A. 'Integrity and Social Entrepreneurship', Sixth International Conference on Ethics in the Public Service, Holland.

1997 Lawton, A. 'Locating the Public Service Ethos', Public Services Research Unit Conference, University of Cardiff.

1996 Lawton, A. 'Business Practices and the Public Service Ethos', Fifth International Conference on Ethics in the Public Service, Brisbane.

1995 Lawton, A. 'The Impact of Management Reforms on the Public Service Ethos: A Comparative Study of Australia and the UK'. 3rd. International Jerusalem Conference on Ethics in the Public Service, Jerusalem.

1993 Lawton, A. 'The Politician, The Manager and Performance Measurement' Joint University Council/Public Administration Committee Annual Conference, York.

1993 Lawton, A. and D. McKevitt 'Strategic Change in Local Government Management'  'Waves of Change' Conference, Sheffield Business School.

1992 Lawton, A. 'The Concept of Trust and Minister-Civil Servant Relationships', Business Ethics Conference, Sheffield Business School.

1985 Lawton, A. 'Democracy and Civil Disobedience' European Consortium for Political Research, Barcelona.


2009 'On the brink: coming back from ethical collapse' Annual Assembly of Standards Committees (Chaired the Plenary Session (850 delegates in attendance) and delivered  presentations on  'The costs of ethical failure' and 'Ethical Turnaround'

2009 'The Effective Standards Committee' Annual Assembly of Standards Committees Workshop session to a total of 250 delegates) Chaired the session and delivered a short paper on 'What makes an effective Standards Committee?'

2008 Lawton, A. 'Developing an Integrity Audit' 8th Annual European Partners Against Corruption, Manchester (organised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission).

2007 Invited Panel co-chair on 'Ethical Management and Leadership' Transatlantic Workshop on Ethics and Integrity, Washington DC.

2006 Lawton, A. 'The future of local community governance and standards' National Association of Local Councils Fringe Meeting at 5th Annual Standards Board Conference, Birmingham.

2005 Lawton, A. 'The Regulation of Local Government Conduct: the role of the Monitoring Officer' CIPFA Better Governance Forum York

2005 Panel Member 'The State of Research in Administrative Ethics' A Transatlantic Dialogue: Administrative Ethics Leuven, Belgium.

2004 Lawton, A. and M. Macaulay 'What do Monitoring Officers Need? Third Annual Standards Board Conference, Birmingham.

2004  Panel Member: 'Ethics and Professional Identity in the Academies of Management' (Convenor; Dr Emma Bell, University of Warwick) European Academy of Management Conference, St Andrews University.

2004 Panel Member 'Ethics and Local Government' Labour Party Local Government Conference,Manchester.

1998 Lawton, A. and T. Thorogood 'Strategic Change in Local Government', Strategic Planning Society, London.

1995 Jones, G. and A. Lawton 'Strategic Competences in Local Government', Strategic Planning Society, London.

1995 Lawton, A. Performance Management in the Public Services', Nuffield College, Oxford Seminar series on New Directions in British Government and Administration.

1991 Lawton, A. 'Performing Measurement in Local Government in Wales' (Editor of Conference Proceedings) Polytechnic of Wales.