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Dr Soma Pillay

Position: Senior Lecturer, Management
Location: Berwick
Phone: 5122 6611


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Dr Soma Pillay's teaching is across undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the subject areas of organisational behaviour, HRM, IHRM, management and organisations and international management. Prior to joining academia, Soma spent many years in the public service. Her qualifications are cross-disciplinary and include public sector governance.

Soma is an active researcher within Federation Business School, Gippsland and previously Monash University and Swinburne University of Technology. Her teaching interests contribute and complement her research into issues associated cross cultural studies, ethics and public sector governance. Soma is currently Discipline Head, Management, Marketing and Tourism, Gippsland and HDR coordinator, Federation Business School, Gippsland.


Public service ethics, governance from the perspective of developing countries, application of institutional theory to governance matters, cross cultural management.


Honours research supervisions

  • Eaves, Carolyn. 2015, Investigating factors affecting growth of small enterprises. Federation University Australia
  • Vedran, V. 2009, The Work Family Interface: Cross cultural experiences. Swinburne University of Technology
  • Pascal, A. 2005, What about us? Human resource management and the changing landscape at Alstom Melbourne Transport Limited. A case analysis. Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Colombo, C. 2005, Expatriation and Culture Shock: The David and Goliath of successful international human resource management. Swinburne University of Technology.

PhD supervisions


  • Liu, L. 2009, Building an Organisational Learning Architecture for Strategic Renewal: An Auto ethnography of Action Learning, Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University of Technology Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Shrivastava, S. 2008, Towards a New Taxonomy of Managerial Competence: An Open Systems Perspective, Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Swinburne University of Technology, Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Bharat Saraf. 2013 Legal Aspects of jurisdiction in e-commerce ,Monash University.

Under examination

  • Chris Bilney. A Critical Analysis of Developments in Organisations Underlying the Transformation of Ownership Structures, with Specific Attention to State-Owned Structures, Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Phong, Nguyen. The Business of Privatisation, Examining Change Management in Vietnam ,Monash University.


  • Radha, Wagle. Women inclusion in Nepalese Forest Governance, Feminist Institutionalism perspectives, Monash University.
  • Rahman, Nasrin. A. Comparative Analysis of Domestic Violence against Women in Australia and Bangladesh: Government Policies, Legislation and Organisational Responses, Federation University Australia.
  • Sokoro, Evans. Examining Expatriation Management in Africa, Federation University Australia.
  • Rahul. An Inquiry into the Australian Skilled Migration Program and the Cultural influences on Skill Shortages. DBA, Federation University-Australia.

Grants and awards

  • 2014 Research Income - Collaboration, Durban University of Technology South Africa (R19,271); Pillay, S
  • 2013 Governance Matters, Monash BusEco Grant ($2500); Pillay, S
  • 2012 Research Grant, Monash BusEco ($10,000); Pillay, S
  • 2011 Introducing Blended Learning and Teaching Methods to extend and enrich the learning experience of management students in a cross cultural context, FBE Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant ($10,000); Pillay, S.
  • 2011 Investigating drivers of ethical behaviour, potential risk areas for Department of Transport and perceptions of existing control, Industry link with the Department of Transport ($15,000); Pillay, S; Cuganesan, S.
  • 2010 Cultures Consequence on Work Life Interface: A Cross Cultural Perspective, FBE-RDS Grant, ($7,500); Pillay, S., Abhayawansa, S., Kluvers, R.
  • 2010 Whistle Blowing, FBE Seed Grant ($3,000); Pillay, S.
  • 2008 Evidence based research to support curriculum development for Higher Education and TAFE in Accounting and Finance, AFAANZ Research Grant ($3595); Abhayansa, S., Tempone, I., Pillay, S.
  • 2008 Mechanisms of Accountability in Victorian Local Government, Institute of Public Administration ($4,000); Pillay, S., Kluvers, R.
  • 2014 Monash University-Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2013 Nominated as External Assessor on National Research Foundation Grant Scheme, South Africa, 2013 (equivalent to Australia's ARC)
  • 2012 Monash Institute of Graduate Studies (MIGR), Level 1& 2 Accreditation.
  • 2011 Swinburne Teaching Commendation -"HBH522-Managing People across Cultures". Student feedback survey results amongst the top 10 in the Faculty.
  • 2011 Monash Institute of Graduate Studies (MIGR), Level 1& 2 Accreditation.
  • 2010 Research Associate- Durban University of Technology, South African.
  • 2014 Research Income- Collaboration Durban University of Technology, South AfricaR19,271.00Pillay, S
  • 2013 Governance Matters Monash BusEco Grant$2500Pillay, S
  • 2012 Research Grant Monash BusEco$10,000Pillay, S


Full publication list


Pillay, S.2014, Development Corruption in South Africa, Palgrave, USA. ISBN9781137386953

Pillay, S.2012, Organisational Behavior: Resource Book for Instructors, Oxford University Press, Australia. ISBN 9780195577426.

Book chapters

Pillay, S. 'Motivation' Ch 9 in Nel, P. and Du Plessis, A. 2012, Human Resource Management, 7th edn, Oxford University Press, Australia. ISBN 9780195575705.

Pillay, S. 'Groups and Teams' Ch 11 in Nel, P. and Du Plessis, A. 2012, Human Resource Management, 7th edn, Oxford University Press, Australia. ISBN 9780195575705.

Journal articles

Pillay, S., Reddy P.S. & Morgan, D. (2017) Institutional Isomorphism and whistle blowing intentions in public sector institutions. Public Management Review. Accepted. ABDC A.ISI 1.872.

Wagle, R., Pillay, S. & Wright, (2016) Examining Nepalese Forestry Governance from Gender perspectives. International Journal of Public Administration, Accepted, ABDC B.

Pillay, S., Ramplall, N., Dorasamy. and Meyer. (2015) Predictors of Whistle blowing Intentions-An Analysis of Multi-Level Variables, Administration and Society, ERA A,ABDC B

Pillay, S. and James, R. (2015) An Examination of Inter-cultural Competency through Social Exchange Theory. International Journal Teaching Learning Higher Education. Forthcoming, ERA B

Pillay.S. and Abhayawansa, S. (2014), Work-family balance -Perspectives from Higher Education, Higher Education, the international journal of higher education and educational planning, 68(5), 669-690. ISSN 0018 1550. ERA A.

Pillay, S.and Kluvers, R., (2014) An Institutional Theory Perspective on Corruption -The Case of a Developing Democracy, Financial Accountability & Management, 30(1),95-119. ERA A

Pillay, S. and James, R. (2013), Gaming across Cultures, Education + Training,55(1), 7-22. ERA A*

Pillay, S., Kluvers, R., Vranic, V., and Abhayawansa, S. (2013), An exploratory study into work family balance within the Australian higher education sector, Higher Education Research and Development.32(2),228-243. Impact factor 0.648, ERA A

Association and memberships

  • African Journal of Business Management editorial board.