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Assoc Prof Jerry Courvisanos

PositionAssociate Professor,
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
LocationMt Helen,
Building B,
Phone5327 9417


  • B Comm (UNSW)
  • M Comm (UNSW)
  • Grad Dip Ed (UNSW)
  • PhD (U Newcastle,Australia)


Jerry has taught economics for 40 years in various universities in Australia,while advising local councils, regional development boards and social service organisations on effective approaches to identifying economic strengths and establishing new activities.

As an economist, his approach to research begins with three significant problems in economies, that being ecology decay (climate change and natural degradation),fragility of business development in peripheral regions, and business volatility. With these crises, the aim is to build theoretical and policy approaches to innovation and its investment in firms and communities that result in resilient and sustainable development.


Basic research is centred on processes of innovation, complexity and resilience to understand disruptive activity like crises and change. Examination of these processes enables an appreciation of their impact on investment, business cycles, sustainable development, evolution of businesses and community development. This work informs applied research into innovation and entrepreneurial activity in business, and sustainable regional development in communities.

Methodology is a critical focus to this research endeavour, with emphasis on critical realism and pragmatism using mixed-method approach. All research and supervision requires a clear research paradigm based on the research questions and problems being investigated.


Currently supervising students for Masters, DBA and PhD across the areas of research interest described above. Specific topic areas for supervision are:

Economics of innovation

Political economy of innovation and entrepreneurship

History of economic thought,especially Michal Kalecki and Joseph Schumpeter

Sustainable and regional economic development

National and regional innovation systems

Disruptive and incremental innovation in business

Technology commercialisation processes

Business and social entrepreneurship

Complexity and resilience in organisations, institutions and communities Pluralism in economics

Grants and awards

  • 2014-16: Glenelg SAVES Seniors Achieving Valuable Energy Savings (Low Income Energy Efficiency Program, Commonwealth Department of Resources Energy and Tourism)
  • 2012-15: Locational Factors and Institutional Resilience to Business Development in Peripheral-metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Regions (University of Ballarat, School of Business)
  • 2013-14: Understanding the 2011 Grampians Natural Disaster, addressing the risk and resilience (Victorian Department of Justice and Northern Grampians Shire Council)
  • 2011-12 Building Innovation Capacity: The role of human capital formation in enterprises (National Centre for Vocational Education Research, NCVER)
  • 2009-12 Towards a Sustainability Model of the Murray-Darling Basin Economy (University of Ballarat, School of Business)
  • 2006-07 Water Policy and its Effect on Regional Communities (Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre)
  • 2004-05 Towns in Time Analysis Research Project – The Study of Small Towns in Victoria (1988) Revisited (Victorian Department of Sustainability and the Environment)
  • 1998-99 Technological Innovation and the Volatility of Business Fixed Investment (Australian Research Council, ARC)
  • 1997-98 Investment, Innovation and Sustainable Development (University of Tasmania, Faculty of Economics & Commerce)


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Association and memberships

  • Australian Society of Heterodox Economists (SHE)
  • History of Economic Thought Society of Australia (HETSA)
  • Research Network on Innovation (RNI)
  • Victorian Universities Innovation Management Network (VUIMN)
  • Victorian Universities Regional Research Network (VURRN)
  • World Economics Association (WEA)