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Working paper series

The major aim of this online series is to publish research-in-progress being conducted by members of our School for the purpose of encouraging a supportive and productive research culture. This series is designed to assist the authors to refine their ideas, methods and analysis through the widest possible dissemination of the papers. All published papers will be available from the School's research website and thus can be accessed through website browsers. All papers will have a statement encouraging readers of these papers to contact the authors with comments and suggestions for further research.

All submitted papers will be reviewed and edited to ensure an acceptable academic standard is met in the presentation, analysis and referencing of the work. Titles and keywords will be provided on the working paper series listing. An abstract and Harvard-style referencing is required with all submissions.

Frequency of submissions

Four times a year there will be a call for papers to be submitted. After the editorial process and necessary revisions, the papers will be placed on the research website in an archival format.

Editorial board

2013 working paper series

001-2013Dr Karim MardanehPopulation Change in Regional and Metropolitan Areas: Cluster Analysis using Australian Data (pdf)
002-2013Dr Karim MardanehDo Industry Type, Business Size and the Location Matter for the Economic Growth? (pdf)


Dr Jacqueline TuckA Tale of Two Economic Journals (pdf)

2012 working paper series

005/2012Dr Karim MardanehSMEs and the Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Clustering Techniques in SMEs Data Analysis (pdf)
004/2012Dr Alex MillmowGovernment Policy in Home Based Business:Case Study of a Suburban Peripheral Region (pdf, 238kb)
003/2012Dr Jacqueline TuckMobility or Immobility - Reputation and Property Rights in the Mining Industry (pdf, 110kb)
002/2012Dr Jacqueline Tuck

A Stakeholder Model of Reputation - The Australian Mining Industry (pdf, 181kb)

01/2012Dr Jacqueline Tuck

Reputation Formation in the Australian Mining Industry Stakeholder and Industry Effect (pdf, 228kb)

2011 working paper series

010/2011Dr Paul McPheeExport Driven Regional Development: A comparison of policies based on Tiberi-Vipraio-Hodgkinson innovation strategies and networked information flows - 2011 (pdf, 366kb)
009/2011Dr Caroline WinterVisitors on the Somme: A study at Villers-Bretonneux -  2011 (pdf, 209kb)
008/2011Assoc Prof Jerry CourvisanosPolitical Aspects of Innovation in the Australian Dairy Industry (pdf, 332kb)
007/2011Dr Caroline WinterVisitors on the Somme: A study at Thiepval - 2011 (pdf, 476kb)
006/2011Eric HolmDoes the active learning approach for legal problem solving and legal reasoning improve student engagement? (pdf, 157kb)
005/2011Dr Alex Millmow and Dr Jacqueline TuckDid the Global Financial Crisis have any impact on economics degree enrolments? (pdf, 318kb)
004/2011Dr Alex MillmowThe Green and Gold Revolution: The story behind the Australian Adaption of Paul Samuelson's classic textbook (pdf, 127kb)
003/2011Assoc Pro Jerry Courvisanos and Stuart MackenzieAddressing Schumpeter's Plea: Critical Realism in Entrepreneurial History (pdf, 600kb)
002/2011Assoc Pro Jerry CourvisanosIn Search of New Atlantis: What can HET on innovation reveal about the path out of the 2009 Great Recession? (pdf, 328kb)
001/2011Dr Alex MillmowOswald Toynbee Falk: Keynes's model economist? (pdf, 207kb)

If you would like to find out further information please contact the Research Administrator.