Student research

Higher degree research students work with us on a range of research projects. Profile information on our current students and their research activities is presented below.

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Student confirmation of candidature

Students who are enrolled in a PhD must, within twelve months (FTE) of enrolment, present their research proposal and defend it before an audience, which includes a panel convened to assess the merit of the proposal and the quality of the candidate's research progress within that time frame. These seminars are open for all who are interested to attend.

Please visit the confirmation of candidature webpage for a list of upcoming students' confirmation seminars.

  • PhD students
  • MBus students

PhD students

NameThesis title
Andeobu, LyndaA comparative study of the role of risk management for sustainable development of mining in Australia: A case study.
Boy, RudolphEthical supply chain management
Clinton, IdeTowards a conceptual framework for prudential financial reporting: The specific case of superannuation funds
Copley, David

Privatisation and the public good: the gains from privatisation of an airline and the international airline history.

Dang, Ky TranAudit training in a socialist oriented market economy - The case of Vietnam
Effendi, PranotoSustainability of renewable energy in Australia
Elhawary, HassanThe saga of accounting for land under roads by Australian local governments
Errey, Robert

Linking generic customer choice to shareholder value

Frawley, NanceR&D incentives and Australian smaller companies
Iddon, CaseyHow the market values listed junior resource companies: A fundamental analysis approach
Jefferies, PetaThe Burke and Wills scientific expedition 1860-61 - the Aboriginal story
Jomaraty, MosfekaGrowth process of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): A study on women owned firms of Bangladesh
King, Rosie

Building a competitive advantage in an equalised high performance sport setting

Labas, AlanAn evaluation of regional small business adviser knowledge and the effect this knowledge has on meeting the needs of entrepreneurial small business
Lange, JessicaRegulation, resources and rights abuses: International approaches to addressing the challenges posed by artisanal mining and what Australia is, can, and should be doing
Langton, JonathanChanging accountability regimes and non government development assistance entities: Implications for organisational and social functioning
Lawler, AlanUniversity compacts and organisational learning at a regional, multi-sector university
Lehmann, La VergneValuing water in dryland tourism regions
Lewis, JacquelineMaintaining the employability of fraudulent employees
Lynch, DavidThe influence of experiences and economic measures of utility on consumer behaviour in nonmarket settings
Mackenzie, StuartThe Scottish contribution to the commercial development of the Goldfields region of Victoria 1850-1900
McNab, JaneGiven the benefits of land rent tax, why hasn't it been adopted in western countries: The Australian Case
Menezes, CarlosThe accountability of public museums in Portugal
Moeti-Lysson, JosephineEmployee Perception on Causes and Forms of Conflict in the Botswana Construction Industry: A Comparative Study Between Domestic-Owned and Chinese-Owned Companies
Morton, ElizabethThe consequences of tax effect accounting on financial reporting and its impact on Australian listed companies
Mukulu, SandraA financial stress index model and forecast financial stress in Australia
Pinto, OfeliaAccounting and Slavery: the case of Companhia Geral do Gr??o Par?? e Maranh??o in 18th century Portugal
Puwanenthiren, PratheepkanthCapital Budgeting Practices and Firm Performance: A Comparative Study of Australia and Sri Lanka
Rahman, NasrinGovernment policies, organisational responses and legal measures on domestic violence against women in Australia and Bangladesh: A comparative analysis
Salimzadeh, ParisaThe analysis of effective factors on corporate sustainability and the ranking of successful corporations in terms of sustainability
Song-Turner, HelenWhy firms in China go green and how do they approach green marketing?
Stockton, ImogenOrganisational resilience and vulnerability - A case study using a complexity science framework
White, DamianVolunteers in regional Australia: Understanding retention and exit
Zhang, ChristabelCultural influence on China's household saving and its role in sustainable development

MBus students

NameThesis title
Alderton, Les

Trade unions and Indigenous Australians

Dodd, David

The Burke and Wills expedition 1860-81: An Aboriginal perspective observed through Germanic eyes

Eldridge, Richard

The cultural interactions of Aborigines with the whaling industry in Victoria

Grinham, Fiona

Walking the trade route to a dead end? Exploring journey stories of early completers of Victorian School Vocational Program

Kent, CameronJim Scullin: Early years in Ballarat
Mehta, SurinderDue process of accounting standard setting and politicalisation involved

Higher degree completions

2012 completions

Dr Shameem Ali
Doctor of Business Administration  

A study of visitor satisfaction in tourism enterprises
Dr Nina Hall
Doctor of Philosophy
Is nature good for you? An investigation into the relationship between marine protected areas and individual well-being
Dr Deidre Giblin
Doctor of Philosophy 
The effects of the dislocation of a dominant player on competition within a fine art cluster
Dr Cameron Roy
Doctor of Philosophy 
An identification of the meaning(s) of 'development' within a Chinese village context: The first piece of a jigsaw puzzle
Dr Feng Tian
Doctor of Philosophy 
Managing international knowledge transfer in Chinese firms
Dr Shuwei Wan
Doctor of Philosophy  
Business start-up processes of foreign based small and medium sized enterprises in China

2011 completions 

Dr Ameeta Jain
Doctor of Philosophy 
Government policies and business development in the City of Casey

2010 completions

Dr Helen Thompson
Doctor of Business Administration 
Reflections on effective implementations of ICT in regional and rural areas
Dr Lili Pi
Doctor of Philosophy 
The determinants of Chief Executive Officer turnover in Chinese listed companies:An aspiration level and power perspective
Dr Yanto Sudaryanto
Doctor of Philosophy 
A study of factors influencing ICT adoption in East Java agribusiness