Federation Business School


Our goal is to advance knowledge through theoretical and applied research of national and international significance, which addresses contemporary challenges faced by industry and society and supports student learning.

Federation Business School's research objectives are to:

  • produce knowledge that contributes, regionally, nationally and internationally, to the broad study of business and management
  • undertake research, consultancy and knowledge transfer which add value to industry and the community
  • provide higher degree by research students with an experience of the highest quality.

Our research environment is enriched by cultural diversity, with our academics and students coming from across the world.

For further information, please visit our pages for our Research programs and our Research activity.

Federation Business School's PHD Scholarship

This scholarship will support research in business, economics, and Law oriented to address United Nation’s Principles of Responsible Management Education. This scholarship is open to domestic and international applicants.

Research areas

Federation Business School undertakes internationally recognised research in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, business and management, sustainability, tourism, marketing, innovation and tourism.

The faculty has two autonomous centres: the Australian Retirement Research Institute (ARRI) and the National Centre for Sustainability (NCS). These centres provide mechanisms which enable capacity building, bring together teams of researchers to develop and disseminate knowledge, generate funding, enhance reputation and provide bridges between academics, industry, and government.

Australian Retirement Research Institute (ARRI)

The Australian Retirement Research Institute (ARRI) is concerned with enabling the best possible later life transitions for all Australians, contributing to national economic performance and reducing inequalities in retirement, with an interdisciplinary approach centred on business, economics, public policy, social gerontology, health and social welfare, and regional development. Find more information by visiting the ARRI page.

National Centre for Sustainability (NCS)

The National Centre for Sustainability (NCS-FedUni) provides educational leadership and works in partnership with industry, government and community. It undertakes program delivery, resource development, project work and applied research to support the development of sustainable practices.

NCS staff, with their knowledge and expertise, are positioned to form strategic partnerships with industry, government and community, consulting and educating about sustainability.

FedUni, through its innovation and regional community focus, is meeting the demands of the Grampians and Gippsland regions and other regional Victorian communities in sustainability in the urban and natural environment. For more information visit the NCS webapge.