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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Become a new kind of business leader

With Federation Business School's Master of Business Administration (MBA). Our MBA is designed to give you the competitive edge to advance and develop your management, business and career prospects - regardless of whether you're a small business owner or wanting to climb the corporate ladder.

Our MBA is flexible to ensure your success whilst balancing work, family and social commitments. This means that you can study online, via block mode, evening or through a combination of all.

As a Business School with a conscience, we are committed to nurturing and supporting future leaders who will create a better world and have a critical role in shaping tomorrow's world.

Program structure

There are two basic program structures:

  • 12 courses taken over 1½ years of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent)
  • 16 courses taken over two years of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent)

If you have an undergraduate degree in business or management or commerce you are eligible for the 12 course MBA. Further, business graduate certificates and graduate diplomas may make you eligible for the 12 course MBA.

If you have an undergraduate degree not in a business field you will study the 16 course MBA. However, applicants with substantive work and/or managerial experience can apply for credit thereby, reducing the number of required courses.

Applicants without formal educational qualifications but with substantive work and/or managerial experience are encouraged to apply.

Length of study

This depends upon three major aspects:

  • whether you undertake the 12 course or 16 course MBA;
  • where you study; and
  • how you choose to study – full-time or part-time, face-to-face or online or intensive.

You may be able to accelerate your study program by taking online courses or courses offered over the Summer semester.

Teaching periods

Campus Delivery mode Course frequency
Mt Helen Face-to-face Two semesters plus limited summer semester offerings
Online learning Online Two semesters plus limited summer semester offerings
East Gippsland (Bairnsdale) Blended intensive Four courses per 12 month period
Partners (Australia and Overseas) Face-to-face Three semesters per 12 month period
Hong Kong Face-to-face, weekend intensive A new course starts approximately every 7-8 weeks.

Community Leadership Program

Federation Business School is offering a unique opportunity for participants and graduates from Victoria Community Leadership Programs*. Through a combination of work experience and your leadership study, you will receive four courses of credit into the MBA. More more information, including possible pathways, view our brochure (pdf, 179kb).

* or equivalent interstate programs.

Apply now

Find out further program information and apply now or contact MBA Director (Robert Errey r.errey@federation.edu.au) or Federation Business School (Ph: 5327 9431), to discuss your situation and possible options.