Faculty of Science and Technology

Graduate mining programs

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are starting your program in either Winter, Spring or Summer semesters, please visit the Ask FedUni Portal to advise you have accepted your offer.

Available courses / subjects

Postgraduate Mining subjects Off Campus and On campus 2018 timetables

Please note:

  • Be mindful of the assessment due dates for each semester, and ensure that you are able to complete the subject by that date.
  • You can add subjects to your enrolment throughout the year – you do not need to add everything all at once.

Enrol in your classes

  1. Go to my Student Centre (mySC) and sign in to your mySC account.
  2. Go to the 'enrol' section.

Choose the semester you wish to enrol in - if the semester is not available to you, visit the Ask FedUni Portal with your student ID and the semester you are attempting to enrol in.

'Add' the class by using the 'search for a class' function (Green search button below the class number box), and enter the letters (e.g. ENMIN, ENCOR etc.) in the course subject, and the numbers (e.g. 5023, 5130 etc) in the course number.

  1. for on campus / block mode study: hit 'search' and move to Step 5.
  2. for remote / online study: click the 'additional search criteria' button, then select 'on line learning' in the 'location' box, and hit search/go.

Click 'select class'.

Click 'next'.

Click 'proceed to step two of three'.

Click 'finish enrolling'.

Getting access to course materials

Course materials will be distributed to you via your Moodle account - http://moodle.federation.edu.au. Your Moodle log in details are the same as your MySC log in details.

You will be added to the Moodle shell for each of your courses within 24 hours of your enrolment, and the materials will then be available to you once they are released. Please note that often materials are not released until the start of that semester, or just prior.

Essential resources

Please read the following documents carefully as they contain valuable information which will be used throughout your studies. It is recommended that you save a copy of your handbook.