Faculty of Science and Technology

Percy, Andrew (Dr)

Email: andrew.percy@federation.edu.au Dr Andrew Percy

Room: 2W216

Phone: 5122 6478


I work at the Gippsland Campus of Federation University of Australia as a lecturer in mathematics and statistics.

My research interests include algebraic topology and mathematical modelling.

My interest in algebraic topology centres on the algebraic structure of integral cohomology groups together with all primary n-ary cohomology operations, stable and unstable. In particular, the Eckmann-Hilton duality of these ``H(R)-algebras'' and the ∏-algebras of homotopy theory, generating sets of integral cohomology operations, relations between these operations and the distinction between integral cohomology operations and those over field coefficients. I am also interested in the use of spectral sequences and aspects of category theory.

I am interested in collaboration across disciplines and indeed this has been my main focus in recent years, with more opportunity for publication. I find this research rewarding because the applications are usually of a less theoretical nature than algebraic topology, though these applications have still been at the forefront of genetics, microbiology and engineering. Currently I research 4 wheel drive/4 wheel steer vehicles and the modelling of CO2 capture from flue gas of coal fired power plants.


PhD - University of New England 2004

Grad Dip Ed - University of New England 2001

BSC (Hons) - University of New England 1998

BSC - University of Sydney 1996

Postgraduate research supervisions

Current supervision

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: To develop an operator navigated snake like robot with steerable trailer wheels for inclined surfaces
  • Supervisors: Percy, A (Main), Chowdry, T (Associate), Appuhamillage, G (Associate).

Completed PhD supervision

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Resolutions of simplicial cohomology algebras
  • Supervisors: Percy, A (Main), Do, N (Associate).

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)

  • Thesis title: Development of a process model for the prediction of absorbent degradation during CO2 capture.
  • Supervisors: Percy, A (Main), Puxty, G (Associate), Verheyen, V (Associate).

Future research supervision

Andrew will supervise honours, masters and PhD students in the mathematical modelling areas of robotics and automation, carbon capture from coal fired power plants or on any suitable project suggested by a prospective student. For students with a strong background in algebraic topology he will also supervise projects on spectral sequences and integral cohomology operations.



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Conference proceedings

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