Faculty of Science and Technology

Information technology

NameTitle and Section/AreaEmailLocationPhone
Academic staff    
Achterbosch, Leigh (Dr)Lecturer, ITl.achterbosch@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)53276312
Aryal, SunilLecturer, ITsunil.aryal@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)51226231
Balasubramanian, Venki (Dr) Lecturer, Projects and Software Engineeringv.balasubramanian@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53276407
Bertoli, Marcello Lecturer, ITm.bertoli@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53276407
Chadhar, Mehmood (Dr) Lecturer, Enterprise Computing and Projectsm.chadhar@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53276767
Chen, Feifei (Dr)Lecturer, ITfeifei.chen@federation.edu.au903 (Berwick)53276892
Chetty, Madhu (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, ITmadhu.chetty@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51227148
Dazeley, Richard (Dr) Senior Lecturer, ITr.dazeley@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279769
Firmin, Sally Lecturer, ITs.firmin@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279739
Foale, Cameron (Dr)Lecturer, ITc.foale@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)53279442
Hajilarov, Eldar (Dr) Lecturer, ITe.hajilarov@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279085
Ivkovic, Sasha (Dr) Lecturer, ITs.ivkovic@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279390
Kamruzzaman, Joarder (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, ITjoarder.kamruzzaman@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226665
Karmakar, Gour (Dr) Senior Lecturer, ITgour.karmakar@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226252
Keogh, Kathleen Lecturer, ITk.keogh@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279121
Lansley, Alastair Lecturer, IT (Mobile Applications)a.lansley@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279074
Lim, Suryani (Dr)Lecturer, ITs.lim@federation.edu.auGippsland51228295
Meade, AmyScholarly Teaching Fellowa.meade@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)53276626
Moore, Shane Lecturer, ITshane.moore@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226716
Oseni, Taiwo (Dr)Lecturer, Enterprise Systemst.oseni@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)53279224
Smith, Philip (Dr) Senior Lecturer, ITp.smith@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279237
Stevens, Glenn Lecturer, ITg.stevens@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279238
Stranieri, Andrew (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, ITa.stranieri@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279283
Ting, Kai Ming (Prof) Professor, ITkaiming.ting@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226241
Torney, Rosemary (Dr)Lecturer, ITr.hay@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279280
Vamplew, Peter (Assoc Prof) Associate Professor, ITp.vamplew@federation.edu.au T (Mt Helen) 53279616
Webb, DeanLecturer, ITd.webb@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)53276213
Zhang, Dengsheng (Dr) Senior Lecturer, ITdengsheng.zhang@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226772
Honorary/research staff    
Gondal, Iqbal (Assoc Prof) Lecturer, IT/Research Director, ICSLiqbal.gondal@federation.edu.au Mt Helen 51226669
Murshed, Manzur (Prof) Robert HT Smith Professor and Personal Chair/Research Director, MCCAIRmanzur.murshed@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226467