Faculty of Science and Technology

Kuganathan, Kugan (Dr)

Honorary lecturer

Principal Engineer, Mine Backfill - Xstrata Zinc


  • PhD (Mine Tailings Disposal by Co-disposal Method) - Queensland University
  • M.Sc., (Engineering Geology) with Distinction - Leeds University, UK.
  • M.Tech (Soils and Foundation Engineering) - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.
  • B.Sc.Eng (Hons) (Civil Engineering) - University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka


  • Corporate Member, Australian Institution of Engineers
  • Chartered Professional Engineer


  • Researched mine tailings disposal, thickened tailings disposal, co-disposal of tailings and rejects
  • Research, development and implementation of pastefill, hydraulic fill, cemented hydraulic fill, cemented rock fill, etc
  • Innovative backfill drainage systems and fill retaining bulkhead design
  • Project management, contracts development for pastefill production and distribution systems
  • Extensive knowledge in soil mechanics, concrete technology and numerical and experimental modelling
  • Extensive experience in rheology testing for slurries and pastes, and using rheological information to design tailings and paste pumping systems.
  • Deep knowledge in the operations of cyclones, thickeners, and various filtration systems used in the mining industry.
  • Numerical modelling