Faculty of Science and Technology

Palmer, Grant (Dr)

Grant Palmer

Position Research Fellow, Centre for Environmental Management, Environmental Management Discipline Co-ordinator
Office Y153 (Y Building, Level 1, East wing)
Phone +61 3 5327 9102
Fax +61 3 5327 9240
Email g.palmer@federation.edu.au


  • B App Sci. (Natural Resources Management), Deakin University
  • B Sci (Honours), Deakin University
  • PhD, Deakin University
  • Grad Cert Ed. (Tertiary Teaching), University of Ballarat

Teaching areas

  • Australian Fauna (SCENV2100)
  • Fire Ecology: Burning issues for science and mgmt. (SCENV3110)
  • Population & Community Ecology (SCENV2200)
  • Wildlife Ecology & Conservation (SCENV3202)
  • Research Design & Implementation (SCENV3900)
  • Communication in Science (SCCOR1001)

Research interests

  • Fire and the response of fauna in the landscape
  • Biodiversity in urban and agricultural landscapes
  • Fauna ecology
  • Landscape ecology


Grant is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Environmental Management. In this role he undertakes ecological research, consultancy and teaching in the environmental management program as well as HDR supervision. His research interests are birds and wildlife, fire ecology and landscape ecology; these are also the main areas that he teaches in the Environmental Management program. He is the Discipline Co-ordinator for the Environmental Management program He has produced over 70 specialist consultancy reports and provides expertise on a range of committees including Corangamite Catchment Management Authority Community Advisory group, DEPI South West Fire Ecology Committee and FedUni Animal Ethics Committee. Grant is the Editor (bush birds, parrots, general ecology) of the scientific journal Australian Field Ornithology.


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