Faculty of Science and Technology


Name Title and section/area Email Location Phone
Bennett, BrookeCoordinator, Programsbl.bennett@federation.edu.auY (Mt Helen)53279830
Brunelle, Leo Program Support Officer, Student Disciplinel.brunelle@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279924
Davis, BecCoordinator, Faculty Servicesr.davis@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279078
Davison, Stephanie STEM Outreach Coordinators.davison@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279373
Gass, Nadine Program Support Officer, Partners & Internationaln.gass@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279076
Hrynyszyn, LouiseFaculty Services Officerlouise.hrynyszyn@federation.edu.auT (Mt Helen)51226566
Maddox, GenOn maternity leave during 2018g.maddox@federation.edu.auY (Mt Helen)53276912
Matthews, Erica Faculty Services Officer erica.matthews@federation.edu.au 3W (Gippsland) 51228936
McKay, Julie Moodle Administrator j.mckay@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279906
Musgrove, Lauren Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean l.musgrove@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53279253
O'Shea, Annette Faculty Services Officer, Researchannette.oshea@federation.edu.au 4N (Gippsland) 51226792
Parkinson, JodieFaculty Services Officerj.parkinson@federation.edu.auY (Mt Helen)53279949
Wade, Helen Faculty Services Officer, Research Developmenth.wade@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276314
Zukauskas, Amy Program Support Officer a.zukauskas@federation.edu.au Y (Mt Helen) 53276109