Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL)


Management team

Dr Iqbal Gondal - Acting Research Director
Mr. Simon Brown - Project Director & Honorary Research Fellow
Ms. Helen Wade - Administrator

Academic staff

A/Prof. Andrew Stranieri - Professor and Director of CIAO
Prof. David Gao - Alexander Rubinov Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Richard Dazeley - Lecturer
Dr. Peter Vamplew - Senior Lecturer
Prof. John Yearwood – Professor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology

Research staff

Dr. Robert Layton - Research Fellow
Dr. Anthony Dekker - Honorary Research Fellow
Mr. Richard Johnson - Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Alex Ng - Honorary Research Fellow
Ms. Megan O'Neill - Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio - Research Fellow
Mr. Cameron Woolfe - Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Mofakharul Islam - Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Oarabile Omaru Maruatona - Honorary Research Fellow

Research students (Enrolled)

Ms. Rosemary Hay - PhD
Ms. Oana Ureche - PhD
Mr. Ahmad Alazab - PhD
Ms. Kylie Turville - PhD
Mr. Sean Park - PhD
Mr. Dan Xu - Masters by Research
Mr Paul Black - PhD


Mr Paul Black - MMS
Dr. Mofakharul Islam - PhD
Dr. Oarabile Omaru Maruatona - PhD
Dr. Mamoun Alazab - PhD
Dr. Robert Layton - PhD
Ms. Amber Stabek - MMS
Ms. Sarla Dahiya - Honours
Mr. Kourosh Kakhi- Honours
Ms. Ann Pan - Honours
Dr. Desmond Lobo - PhD

Mr. Chengcheng Huang - HonoursMr. Riko Rakhamanto - Honours