Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO)

Faculty of Science and Technology

Data mining and informatics

Organisations collect vast amounts of data on a daily basis. Despite this 'wealth' of data many are frustrated by the difficulties in extracting crucial knowledge from databases to assist decision making.

Researchers within CIAO are using advanced data mining and informatics techniques to extract and analyse data, to discover important relationships and patterns. This knowledge can then be used to make better decisions or development intelligent decision support and training systems.

CIAO's area of expertise includes:

  • Development of new data mining tools and algorithms
  • Computational intelligence for business applications
  • Analysis of data from large databases
  • Developing profiles from data
  • Signal detection
  • Pattern recognition
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Ripple-down rules

CIAO researchers utilise state of the art knowledge acquisition from organisational experts and from large databases to develop systems for the better decision making and reasoning. In particular there is a focus on group reasoning and decision making. Technologies developed within CIAO enable these systems to operate efficiently across the web.

Sample applications include:

  • Knowledge modeling
  • Web-based decision support systems
  • Optimal decision analysis
  • Web information systems
  • Group reasoning and decision support
  • Reasoning communities