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Alexander Rubinov

Professor Alexander Rubinov (1940 – 2006) was the Founding Director of the Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimisation (CIAO), a designated research centre at Federation University Australia (formerly University of Ballarat) and transformed CIAO into an internationally recognised research centre in optimisation.

Alexander Rubinov was born in Leningrad, now S.-Petersburg, Russia, and graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Leningrad State University. He completed his PhD at the Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Novosibirsk and an advanced doctorate at the Computer Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow. He then held positions in Leningrad, Novosibirsk and Kalinin (Russia), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Beersheba (Israel).

In 1996 Professor Rubinov was invited to Australia. University of Ballarat was quick to recognise its good fortune in attracting an international researcher and scholar of his calibre. The Ballarat period was most productive and happy period of his life. Alexander Rubinov's most cited book: Abstract Convexity and Global Optimization, published in 2000 by Kluwer Academic Publishers, was written here.Professor Rubinov made significant contributions to nonsmooth analysis and optimization, global optimization, monotonic analysis, mathematical economics and data mining, published 14 monographs and 3 textbooks, and more than 250 research articles, and was a recipient of numerous Australian Research Council and industry grants.

Professor Rubinov attracted to Ballarat first-class researchers from around the world, especially from the former Soviet Union. He moulded these researchers into a fine team, and supervised a large number of research students. Under his leadership, CIAO has become an extremely successful centre of both national and international repute, recognised especially for its theoretical and applied research in optimisation. Alexander Rubinov was a strikingly modest and humble family man loved by everybody. Each year Federation University Australia commemorates Professor Rubinov with an annual oration dedicated to mathematics by a high profile invited speaker.


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