Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO)

Rubinov lectures


Professor Alexander Rubinov (1940 – 2006) was the Founding Director of CIAO – the Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization - at Federation University Australia.

CIAO is the research centre he was instrumental in establishing in 2001, located within the School of Engineering and Information Technology.

Professor Rubinov was born in Leningrad – now St Petersburg, Russia in 1940, and was an under-graduate at the Leningrad State University. He completed his PhD in Novosibirsk, Siberia and an advanced doctorate at the Computer Centre Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow. He then held positions in Leningrad, Novosirbirsk, Kalinin Russia, Baku Azerbaijan and Beersheba, Israel.

He was invited to Australia in 1996. FedUni was quick to recognise its good fortune in attracting an international researcher and scholar of his calibre.

Prof Rubinov provided extensive academic contributions to FedUni and the field of mathematics. He published more than 200 research papers in refereed international journals. He wrote, edited and contributed to 27 books and journal special issues, and won numerous nationally competitive, Australian Research Council and industry grants.

Professor Rubinov attracted first-class researchers from around the world to the staff of FedUni, especially from the former Soviet Union. He moulded these researchers into a fine team, and supervised a large number of research students, many of whom he also attracted here from overseas.

Under his leadership, CIAO has become an extremely successful centre of both national and international repute, recognised especially for its theoretical and applied research in the sophisticated sphere of global and nonsmooth optimisation. Professor Rubinov was a strikingly modest and humble family man, and each year FedUni commemorates this remarkable man through a memorial lecture.

Previous lectures

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