Faculty of Science and Technology

Research areas

  • Human impact on the environment
  • Aquatic invertebrates (cladocerans, ostracods, foraminifers)
  • Diatom biomonitoring of rivers and lakes
  • Ecological resilience and adaptation of floodplain lakes
  • Ecology and food web dynamics of lake and river systems
  • Operation of complex water supply system
  • Water sharing frameworks (entitlements and allocations)
  • Fluid dynamics (experimental and computational)
  • Eco-hydraulics and eco-hydrology
  • Hydro-informatics
  • Palaeoclimate, palaeoecology
  • Australian Pleistocene vertebrate trace fossils
  • Invertebrate ichnology
  • Carbonate geochemistry
  • The Quaternary in Australia
  • Geoarchaeology