Faculty of Science and Technology

Current research students

Joji Abraham
Climate variability and surface – groundwater relations; Red Rock complex.

Shams Ahmed
Integrating dynamic and optimisation models for efficient pipeline system operations.

Sachindra Dhanapala Arachchige, Victoria University
Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to streamflow.

Islam Atazadeh
Configuring consumptive water transfers for ecological benefit: An algal response model for water resource operations in the MacKenzie River, Victoria, Australia.

Phuong Doan
The use of sedimentary pigments to reconstruct trophic history in western Victorian lakes.

Walter Godoy, Victoria University
Multi-objective optimisation of complex water resources systems.

Helena Malá Jetmarová
Multi-objective optimisation for regional scale pipeline systems with variable water quality.

Alia Nuaimat
Nonsmooth optimisation algorithms for solving mixed integer nonlinear programming problems and their application in water management.

Nargiz Sultanova
Methods of nonsmooth nonconvex optimisation and their application to optimisation of water distribution systems.

Marta Slawuta, Victoria University
Factors determining habitat selection by birds in coastal habitats of Western Port, Victoria.

Rachael Thomas UNSW
Detecting responses of flood dependent vegetation communities to inundation in dryland floodplain wetlands.

Jennifer Urias
The importance of three freshwater lakes to waterbirds in the Ballarat region.