Faculty of Science and Technology

Current projects

Major research project/grants in last 5 years

  • The recent western Victorian drought and its effects: without precedent? (RIRDC, 2008-12)
  • Multi-objective planning and operation of water supply systems subject to climate change. (ARC Linkage)
  • Integrating dynamic and optimisation models for efficient pipeline system operations in an evolving water and energy market. (ARC Linkage)
  • Catchment restoration: generating prescriptions for evidence-based best practice in the future, from experience of the past. (ARC Linkage)
  • Palaeo-lakes revisited: re-investigating key lake sites of temperate Australia through the last glacial period. (AINSE)
  • The Barwon Estuary – Assessing the past to inform the future (AINSE)
  • Heritage Australia: Paleolimnological Condition Assessment of The Curdies Estuary, Western Victoria (AINSE)
  • Psyche Bend Lagoon: productive wetland to acid wasteland within a century. (AINSE)
  • Sea Change. Water Quality Change in the Anglesea estuary, Victoria. (AINSE)
  • Implications of anthropogenic impacts on paleo food web dynamics of a floodplain lake in the Lower Murray Darling River Basin: a pilot study (AINSE)
  • Australasian- INTIMATE – INTegration of Ice core, Marine and TErrestrial records. (INQUA PALCOMM project)
  • SHAPE – Southern Hemisphere Assessments of Palaeo Environments (INQUA PALCOMM project)
  • Paleoclimates relevant to NRM in the MDB (MDBA, 2009)
  • Understanding the mixing behaviour of a deep reservoir for a range of hydrological and water quality scenarios (GWMWater sponsored project)
  • Control of Bryozoan infestations within the Northern Mallee Pipeline. (GWMWater sponsored project with Victoria University)
  • Configuring consumptive flows to benefit in-stream ecosystems. (GWMWater sponsored project)
  • Australian Pleistocene vertebrate trace fossils. (Hermon Slade, Corangamite CMA)
  • The environmental history of temperate highland sandstone swamps with a particular focus on climatic variability and fire (UNSW).
  • Lake Macquarie razor clams as indicators of pollutants. (NSW Environment Fund)
  • Guide to the Algae and Marine Invertebrates of Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. (Norman Wettenhall Foundation, Parks Victoria)
  • Description de la collaboration envisag¿¿e et implication dans le projet (INRA)
  • Water quality assessment of Port Philip Bay and Corio Bay (Deakin)