Faculty of Science and Technology

Water and climate

We are an inter-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers and technologists with core interests in improving the monitoring, modelling and management of hydrological and ecological systems.

Our combined skill allows us to:

  • Use contemporary measurement and monitoring techniques to understand complex aquatic systems;
  • Ascertain the long-term climate history and baseline condition of sites, including using palaeoecological data;
  • Understand the interactions amongst hydrological and ecological systems (including wetlands, rivers lakes, estuaries and groundwater), climate change and variability, and disturbance of aquatic systems; and
  • Undertake desktop, laboratory and field-based work to support our research.

Our group members possess expertise across a number of themes and timescales, including catchment-climate-human interactions, detailed eco-hydraulic interfaces, groundwater-ecosystem interactions and Quaternary and Holocene environmental change.