Faculty of Science and Technology

Current projects

Catchment restoration: Landholder perceptions of riparian restoration, University of Ballarat (2011-2012)

The aim of this project is to investigate farmer perceptions of riparian restoration and the benefits they get from doing it on their farms. This included semi-structure interviews and thematic analysis of farmer perceptions of riparian restoration on private property.

Building Local Government Change Agents for Resilient and Sustainable Communities, Federation University (2012-2014)

This project will provide Local Government staff with the research, training and support to assist them to deliver behaviour change programs to address their social, economic and environmental sustainability priorities. This project includes qualitative surveys and data analysis to determine barriers and motivators of staff and community to behaviour change.

Regional Sustainability Indicators Framework for South West Victoria, University of Ballarat (2010-2012)

This project will develop an agreed set of sustainability indicators and a framework for reporting on the sustainability of South West Victoria, in the form of a Community Report Card. The methods used in this project include surveys of community and stakeholders at multiple stages throughout the project.

Victorian Farmer Survey on Climate Change 2011, University of Ballarat (2011-2012)

The primary aim of the project is to investigate the attitudes and knowledge of Victorian farmers towards climate change, climate variability and greenhouse gas emissions on their farming enterprises and to track the changes that have occurred in attitude, knowledge and on-farm actions since the 2009 benchmarking survey. This project included a qualitative survey and data analysis.

Exploring motivations, experience and future for transition initiatives in Australia

The primary aim of the project is to explore and analyse transition initiatives from the point of view of participants. This involved a web-based survey (Survey Monkey) and semi-structured phone interviews with participants willing to be involved. The results are presently being written up into an article.