Faculty of Science and Technology

Centre for Environmental Management (CEM)

The Centre for Environmental Management (CEM) is one of the University's designated research centres. It resides within the School of Applied and Biomedical Sciences and is allied principally with the disciplines of Environmental Management and Geology. The CEM comprises full time research academics, research associates, technical officers, research assistants, emeritus and adjunct professors and honorary research fellows.

The CEM has been active in research and consultancy for both government and private organisations for over 20 years. It has built a strong reputation for its research and consultancy work in environmental management, biodiversity conservation, landscape restoration, land use management planning, flora and fauna survey and assessment, and experimental design, particularly across south east Australia. It also has research and consultancy strength in wetland and water quality assessment, environmental hazard assessment and surface groundwater interaction.

Members of the CEM work on a wide range of environmental topics including:

  • Natural resource management and landscape planning
  • Biogeography and biodiversity conservation
  • Ecosystem health and ecological restoration
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Invasive species
  • Climate change
  • Wetland systems
  • Paleolimnology and paleecology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geomorphology
  • Palaeobiology