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Prof Fadi Charchar

Prof Fadi Charchar

Charchar Lab Head
Emeritus Robert HT Smith Professor and Personal Chair
(Cardiovascular science)

Email: f.charchar@federation.edu.au

Ph: +61 3 5327 6098

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Fahima Ahmady

Technical Officer

Email: f.ahmady@federation.edu.au

Ph: 03 5327 6145

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Dr Sudha Kiran Joshi

Research Associate

Email: s.kiran@federation.edu.au

Ph: 03 5327 56385

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Dr Elsa Molina

Research Associate

Email: e.molina@federation.edu.au

Ph: 03 5327 9740

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Dr Stephen Myers

Honorary Research Fellow at FedUni
Lecturer Biomedical Sciences at University of Tasmania

Email: Stephen.Myers@utas.edu.au

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Priscilla Prestes

Research Fellow - Robert HT Smith Fellowship - Collaborative Research Network for Self-sustaining Regions (CRN)

Email: p.prestes@federation.edu.au

Ph: 03 5327 6670

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Alumni students

Warrick Chilton

PhD student
2016 - Lecturer in Human Movement and Sport Sciences at FedUni

Email: w.chilton@federation.edu.au

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Elyse Clarence

Honours student (2015)

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Joshua Denham

PhD student (2012 - 2015)
Aug.2015 - Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology, University of New England, NSW, Australia

Email: jdenham2@une.edu.au

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Elsa Molina

PhD student (2012 - 2016)
Nov.2016 - Postdoctoral Fellow in Inflammation Biology, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, San Diego, CA, USA

Email: emolina@lji.org

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Sean Quarrell

PhD student