Faculty of Science and Technology

Animal health and biotechnology

Research within this group is focused on using cutting edge technology and innovative science with direct applications to human and animal health and biotechnology. Incorporating proteomic and genomic technologies, we aim to gain a better understanding of the disease processes during infections and develop practical solutions such as novel vaccines, diagnostics and drug targets. The discovery and translation of biologically important biomarkers in animals of economic importance is hoped to transform the management of these diseases.

Group members

NameArea of research
Dr David Bean Infectious diseases; antibiotic resistance
Dr Greg Davis C. elegans as a model organism for biological processes
Dr Andrew Greenhill Veterinary microbiology; zoonotic transmission
Dr Fiona Hogan Non-invasive DNA profiling of wild animals
Assoc Prof Jennifer Mosse Animal virology; Population genomics
Assoc Prof David Piedrafita Immunoparasitology; DNA vaccines
Prof Mark Sandeman Parasitology; Veterinary diagnostics
Assoc Prof Wendy Wright Biodiversity in production environments