Faculty of Science and Technology


The Bachelor of Science provides students with the opportunity to design a science degree to suit their interests and study goals, selecting from an extensive range of courses in established, newly emerging, general and specialist sciences.

The program emphasises and develops scientific communication, logical thinking, practical skills, analytical talent and above all, curiosity! Designed for students with diverse educational backgrounds and an interest and passion for science, the degree provides a foundation in modern scientific principles and theories. Maximum flexibility allows students to elect their own major and minor streams. In addition to providing a strong basis in the fundamentals of science, the degree includes a large practical component, often delivered in small laboratory classes - the ideal environment to get the most out of science.

Offered on campus at Mt Helen and Gippsland, and through off campus/online learnings, students can select from 13 major, and 15 minor areas of study.

Our off-campus/online students come on campus for up to 2 weeks in semesters one and two each year for compulsory lab sessions, and also complete examinations on-campus, or at an approved remote, supervised exam close to home.

First year consists of foundation studies spanning the chemical, life and earth or environmental sciences. Core areas provide grounding in mathematics, statistics and develop an understanding of ethical science practice and communication. In second and third year, your practical and theoretical knowledge will be extended through studying a major (8 subjects) and minor (4 subjects) in science. Electives can be chosen from the sciences or from other faculty areas to support your career objectives.

Major sequences available:

  • Biochemistry (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Biological science (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Biotechnology (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Chemistry (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Earth Materials (Ballarat)
  • Ecology (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Environmental Geoscience (Ballarat)
  • Environmental Restoration (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Food science (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Health and Nutrition (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Mathematics (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Microbiology (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Mineral Processing (Ballarat)

Minor sequences are available in all of the major sequences above, and in addition the following:

  • Information Technology (Ballarat, Gippsland or Online)
  • Statistics (Ballarat)

Our Bachelor of Science (Honours) will open up opportunities that can lead to world class research in a number of areas.

Available programs