Faculty of Science and Technology

Science and mathematical science

The 'go anywhere' Bachelor of Science program is a clever blend of science fundamentals combined with a large practical component. Offered at Mt Helen and Gippsland campuses, as well as online, the program is designed for students with diverse educational backgrounds. The program provides you with a state-of-the-art foundation in modern scientific principles and theories.

The Bachelor of Mathematical Science lets you take your passion for numbers, proofs and problem solving to the next level and prepare for careers that can command high salaries, but also have a high degree of job satisfaction. Mathematics degrees are versatile, and a big plus if you value the freedom to explore a variety of career paths in your lifetime. As a mathematics graduate you can apply your quantitative, analytical and problem-solving skills in an extensive range of fields and positions.

Our Bachelor of Science (Honours) will open up opportunities that can lead to world class research in a number of areas.