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Environmental and conservation science

Like to be at one with nature? Like to make the world a better place, ensuring that all out natural resources are there for future generations to enjoy?

Environmental and conservation sciences at Federation University give our graduates the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare them for a career in the diverse field of natural resource management.

Our graduates develop a strong science background in disciplines including ecology, biology and geology, and gain extensive applied understanding and real world experience in themes such as GIS, research design, Australian flora and fauna, fire and wetlands.

Students build valuable capability through participating in extended field trips to places such as the Otways, Murray River wetlands and the University's Nanya Research Station in southwest New South Wales, where they put their learning into practice.

Graduates have a long history of being highly valued by environmental agencies, government bodies and private industry and the applied nature of their program is considered a key to their employment readiness.

Career outcomes

EM graduates have gained employment across Australia and internationally in areas such as:

  • Flora and fauna management
  • Park and reserve conservation
  • Water resource management
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Agriculture
  • Ecological restoration and rehabilitation
  • Environmental sustainability

Many graduates have progressed along research pathways through honours and PhD programs to achieve careers in environmental research.


In order to ensure our programs remain relevant to industry standards and up to date with technological advances, we have reviewed our current offerings in this area. Students commencing undergraduate studies from 2016 will undertake the new and improved Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science, which will provide you with the best possible education in this area.

Our Bachelor of Science (Honours) will open up opportunities that can lead to world class research in a number of areas.

Graduate profile

Dr Andrew Warnock

Dr Andrew Warnock

Graduated | 2005 (or 2010 if you include PhD)
Now working as | Botanist, Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd, Geelong

FedUni provided an excellent learning environment and opportunity to progress into further research and employment.

Being of an applied nature, the course gave me a great breadth of knowledge on management issues and ecosystem function to begin my career in environmental management.

Having smaller class sizes meant a greater opportunity to interact with staff and students from all year levels, including honours and postgraduate researchers. This interaction resulted in a greater level of support from multiple levels, encouraged teamwork and fuelled my enthusiasm to learn and continue my studies into honours and PhD.

The course included extended field trips in both the Otways and south-western New South Wales, which lead to a greater understanding of a broad spectrum of land management structures and ecosystems, from temperate rainforest to semi-arid mallee ecosystems. Field trips and research opportunities at Nanya, the university owned research station in south-western New South Wales, was certainly a highlight.

Due to the high level of support, breadth of content and opportunities for further study and employment, I highly recommend Federation University Australia to anyone entering the environmental field.