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Engineer a career that's on the cutting edge

We offer a range of exciting study options in the field of engineering. In focus this month are our Diploma of Engineering - Technical and the Bachelor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

Learn to succeed in the world of engineering

Rapid developments in sustainable technology have led to an increasing demand for engineers who can design and operate environmentally sensitive systems.

Major industries make a significant contribution to our courses enhancing career preparation, industry placements and scholarships. Industry projects are also provided in all specialisations.

We pride our self on graduating students who are highly sought after by industry. Our higher education engineering programs are internationally recognised for producing graduates who are equipped with relevant, up-to-date skills that ensure they are industry-ready by the time they commence employment. Our revised schedule of programs will ensure that we will continue to produce graduates of the highest caliber.

We have recently reviewed and improved our range of engineering programs. A new feature is the common first year of study which means students are not locked into an area of specialisation until the second year of their degree program. The common first year is available at both the Ballarat and the Gippsland campuses, which means students will have additional choice of where to study.

Our range of engineering specialisations, and a choice of a three and four year undergraduate degrees as well as postgraduate programs, ensures FedUni is your pathway to a successful career in engineering.

With a four-year degree, you will become a professional engineer and work at a theoretical level to isolate and define a required engineering outcome. You will then identify one or more potential solutions. The professional engineer will conceptualise ways to ensure the desired outcome is met and will then work closely with an engineering technologist to determine which is the best solution. You will oversee and potentially contribute to the construction process.

As a graduate with a three-year degree, you will work with a professional engineer to put predetermined theory into practice and assist in identifying which solution will best deliver the required outcome. You will work in a hands-on role in the construction process.

Industry placements

Industry placements are a vital component of our undergraduate engineering programs. All students must complete at least 12 weeks (four-year degree) or 8 weeks (three-year degree) of suitable practical experience during their studies.

Undergraduate programs

These programs are suitable for school leavers and those without tertiary qualifications wishing to return to study.

Four-year degrees

Three-year degrees

Postgraduate programs

Our postgraduate coursework programs in mining, maintenance and reliability engineering are well known in industry. A new course in geotechnical and hydrological engineering is backed by government supported research that attracts professionals and students from around the world.

These programs are suitable for those with existing undergraduate tertiary qualifications and/or industry experience.

All of our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering Technology programs are accredited by Engineers Australia at the professional level.