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FoST HDR students sweep the pool

At the recent FedUni HDR Conference FoST students took out a number of the major prizes. Congratulations to all the students who contributed and their supervisors on this fantastic achievement.

Oral presentations

First prize – Divya Eratte
Third prize – Thomas Hill
Third prize – Marice Alcantara

Honourable mention
Jason Kelly
Tamekha Develyn


First prize – Chris Davies
Second prize – Joji Abraham

Honourable mention
Rashedul Islam
Christiane Bahlo

FedUni professor leads special publication on international wetlands

Federation University Australia's Professor Peter Gell is the editor of a special issue of a water science journal dedicated to understanding of the impact of climate and people on the world's wetlands of international significance.

The issue, launched now in the journal Marine and Freshwater Research, reports on the workshop Peter Gell hosted in Queenscliff in November 2013.

"The workshop was a rare opportunity for ecologists and those who examine environmental history, from the remains buried in lake sediments, to come together to better understand the lessons of the past for the management of the world's best wetlands," Professor Gell said.

Australia was among the first signatories to The Ramsar Convention in 1971. Since then many countries have struggled with the definition of the natural character of wetlands and the limits to change that we should impose.

"Given the long history of human impact on wetlands and the influence of climate this is clearly an issue that would benefit from a long term view," Professor Gell said.

"So, here we suggest to the world's water managers that a better idea of the present state of waterways can be gleaned if they seek the understanding that comes from the deeper time perspective."

The issue was co-edited by Professor Max Finlayson of Charles Sturt University and the Ramsar Scientific and Technical Review Panel, and is supported by Past Global Changes, a core project of Future Earth.

The issue covers research from Tanzania, Colombia, China, Nigeria, the USA, UK and Australia, including the Barwon Estuary, Gippsland Lakes, the Macquarie Marshes and the South Australian Riverland.

ICSL working with Telstra on AMSI Internship

The Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) is undertaking an AMSI Internship with Telstra on a project titled "Data driven analysis of SS7/MAP Signalling traffic". PhD student Muhammad Amar and his mentor, ICSL Director, A/Prof. Iqbal Gondal will be working on the project over four months.

Mobile telecommunications networks are inter-connected both domestically and internationally with other network operators to provide both the delivery of services such as text messages and to allow for international roaming. These are transported over SS7 and Mobile Application Part protocols.

Telstra is seeking to gain a greater insight into the signalling traffic on these networks and wish to take more of a "big data/analytics" approach to this. The research to be undertaken includes the intern undertaking analysis of SS7/MAP traffic by building data structures to analyse the data across a longer period of time.

This project follows on from another successful AMSI Internship with Telstra and an ICSL PhD student in 2015, Ahmad Azab. AMSI Internships provide PhD students with valuable "real work" experience whilst supported by their academic mentor.